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Year 17 Day 185 23:01
Hello admins,

I'm trying to pick-up one of my ships, but unfortunately it is not visible. The details of the missing ship:

ID# 297959
"Speedy Pack Donkey"
Owner: Arslan Martano

Sector: --
Galactic Position: (-50, -100)
System Position: (0, 19)

I'm aboard the following ship, right now:

Hammerhead Cruiser
"Pride of Mirial [LK]"
Owner: Looma Karwt
Pilot: Arslan Martano

Sector: Herglic Space
System: Giju (-50, -100)
System Position: (0, 19)

Can you tell me please what's happening with my YT-2000? Thanks in advance for any helpful informations.



Edited By: Arslan Martano on Year 17 Day 185 23:03
Year 17 Day 186 5:00
What happened is that your ship was left in empty space, before the admins placed a system there. When the system was placed, your ship was essentially thrown into stationary hyperspace, a magical layer beneath the system. You need a support ticket so the admins can reset the position of the ship so it reverts to normal space.

Year 17 Day 186 21:26
So that explains why my delivery is taking so long. ;)


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Year 17 Day 187 5:10
its an unfortunate side effect of how the admins add new systems, yes. They make the system in another area of space (the admin sector at one point) and then c/p it into the new location essentially. Its the new system data that erases the previous empty space data.

Year 17 Day 189 21:31
What would happen if there were a station in the chosen DS location?

Would the station be bumped to a different DS system, would it be grandfathered in to the new named system, or would the Admins place the new system in an unoccupied system?

Or would it be "erased" (aka overwritten) as the ship in the above description?



Year 17 Day 190 10:56
Same as the ship was overwritten. You would have to have the admins move it, likely to some other deep space hole.

Year 17 Day 194 0:30
Thanks, Jevon. Good to know.