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Year 17 Day 190 1:29
Fritjof Blom
Fritjof Blom
Can a bacta tank be used on a creature?
Do you get any xp for using a bacta tank?
How is creature hp determined?


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Year 17 Day 190 5:47
I don't see why it couldn't be, but it might just be that the developers didn't add that into the code. You do get experience for using a bacta tank as well as for putting others in a bacta tank. I would assume it is determined in the same way that ours is: by level and strength.


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Year 17 Day 190 8:24
Fritjof Blom
Fritjof Blom
I was having trouble figuring out the race multiplier for creatures as it didn't seem to calculate out with a race multiplier that ended in .0 or .5


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Year 17 Day 190 8:51
The creature HP equation is clearly listed in the rules under Life and Death.

HP = BaseHP + (XP Level * 0.10 * BaseHP)

Year 17 Day 190 10:57
Fritjof Blom
Fritjof Blom
Thanks mikel!


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Year 17 Day 190 11:40
Far as I know, you can no longer use bacta tanks for creatures. It was initially possible but XP was calculated by the amount of HP healed, which, for creatures, can be a huge amount. There were some discussions there about needing to set some sort of cap on healing, or increase the tank duration for creatures with high HP, and in the end it was just disabled to resolve those issues.

I'm not sure that anything larger than about a Medium creature would actually be able to fit into a bacta tank realistically, but it's all currently a moot point.



Year 17 Day 199 11:22
correct. I tried healing a Rancor in a tank. No go.



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