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Year 7 Day 149 22:45
Aiden Cook
Aiden Cook
I'm not complaining about this but..............It seems that my ship is jumping time..... I logged in about 5 hours ago on combine time and checked how long it will be for me to get to corellian (I was already in hyper) and it said 5days 18hours and something minutes. I wnet and saw a movie checked back on a couple of hours later and it said 4days 18 hours and something minutes... And when I first checked it out how long it would take when I first jumped into hyperspace it said 8days 16hours and something minutes. I don't know what to do but I think it is a bug.

If you can't understand what I said please tell me so I can explain it better.

Year 7 Day 150 13:35
Deleted Post
Canderous Ordo
Deleted by Ranma. Reason: Again, please do not comment unless you are helping, this is not the Random Place
Year 7 Day 150 15:39
Could you take screenshots of this and if it continues to do this, please start a bug report.



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