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Archives » Hireable Population Reset
Year 17 Day 217 22:56
I've been looking to get my grubby hands on a squad from Togoria, but every time I check, there's only a hireable population of 0, are they *that* in demand or does it only refresh every first of the month, or is it just not running? Much thanks and a squeeze for anyone responding!


""Traat'aliit gar besbe'trayc."
The squad is your weapon.

Year 17 Day 218 5:02
Population only gets refreshed the first of the month. As well, almost all race home planets have their NPCs purchased fairly quickly. This is because having an entire army of a single race is pretty neat-o to some people.

Year 17 Day 219 15:46
Oh man, so it really is the first of every month, and they really are in demand. Holy smokes, thanks for that, I must give a squish to express my gratitude!


""Traat'aliit gar besbe'trayc."
The squad is your weapon.

Year 17 Day 219 17:45
Although saying that fairly recently NPC hiring refresh wasn't working properly. You could try contacting an ASim to get them to refresh the population.


Year 17 Day 220 8:28
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
Hireable population is part of the set of monthly tasks that include FI, Alazhi Regen, NPC wages (which is shut off), and hireable population.

Those tasks worked fine, so I don't know why any ASim would reset one world's hireable when it refreshed by itself. Technically, it isn't that population resets on the 1st of the month, it refreshes on the last day of the month at 22:00 game time.

What you have on Togaria is a camper who hires all avail pop as soon as it resets. Which really doesn't matter because you can still get Togarian NPC's by hiring huge amounts of NPC's on a regular world and firing the ones you don't want. Just costs more.


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