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Archives » How do I get off a ship hired to transport me?
Year 7 Day 150 15:50
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Claude Adrien
Deleted by Claude Adrien. Reason: Thread is over.
Sounds like you are in space. You can't unboard a ship into empty space for obvious reasons.

If there is a ship for you to board at your location, you should use the 'Enter' option to enter it, instead of the 'Unboard' button.

'Unboard' only works when you are on the surface, or docked in a larger ship that you are on the crewlist of.



Claude Adrien
Claude Adrien
It no longer says I am traveling and theres nothing to enter. Does the "travelling" designation disappear when the ship is landing? Could this be the case?

Send a message to Shiro Blade. ask when you will be landing.

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Bryce Armadala
Bryce Armadala
Your most likely in space and the person you hired hasn't logged in yet, so he hasn't been able to land. Just wait. He'll log in so you can get off.

Claude Adrien
Claude Adrien
Thank you all for your help, he messaged me. I was afraid that he had gone on extended leave because I had sent him a couple of messages before without answer.

I guess we stopped in space at the destination and then he had to choose to go into orbit. Anyways, thank you all. I guess you can close this thread now.