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Year 17 Day 228 8:11
Lev Bolden
Lev Bolden
ID# 157587
Mining Bot 5
Info: ...
Manager: None
Supervisor: None
Hull: 60 / 60
Ionic: 60 / 60

It now appears in my inventory as "unplaced" for its location?

Year 17 Day 228 10:27
It's possible the facility was destroyed, something was moved, or some other big happened. If you file a support ticket with this information and the location/ID of the entity you'd like it to be placed into the asims should be able to help you out.

Year 17 Day 229 14:35
Lev Bolden
Lev Bolden
Year 17 Day 227, 3:12 You have sent 63,653 credits to the Local Safety Commission with the following message:
Part of the mine has collapsed at Rudic Mine (name location bleeped out)
Workers were mining when they came across unstable seismic activity. 5,248 units of Rudic were lost in the accident.

The facility where this happened is still there an undamaged and none of the npc's there were harmed is something supposed to crush your droid if you have a mine accident or should I file a ticket as suggested? I suppose either way it probably is not meant to be unplaced in my inventory undamaged... it should either be gone with some event saying why or it should just be placed back in that mine?

Edited By: Lev Bolden on Year 17 Day 229 14:37
Year 17 Day 229 16:13
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
Do what Mikel said.

Mine collapses have nothing to do with unplaced entities in your inventory.


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