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Year 17 Day 233 15:14
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
I have 167 crates holding various items. I am attempting to tag specific crates but each time I complete the process, they are all tagged.

Is this a known shortcoming of the current inventory system or a bug?


Edit: same effect when trying to add info

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Wicked Trixie False
Year 17 Day 233 17:08
Are you clicking them individually, or are you selecting all then trying to deselect some? If you select all and deselect it ignores your deselections and just remembers that you wanted all of them selected.


Year 17 Day 233 17:25
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
Clicking them individually.. Could it be my browser maybe?

Edit: I Was using explorer on a pc but then tried Safari on my IPad and it worked.

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Year 17 Day 234 16:20
It could be a cookie issue. Our current inventory uses session variables and cookies, so if you have multiple windows open on the inventory it can often cause issues with selecting things (though this usually works the opposite as you described, and selects nothing rather than everything, but it depends on what else you're doing).

Also, you were using IE, which could have been the issue. We generally don't even test on IE (I literally don't even have a copy of Windows to test with) and prioritize fixing issues with it very lowly, so I'd suggest using a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox to interact with SWC.