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Year 17 Day 254 13:35
I am a little confused by the CP Exchange, specifically the Custom NPC's.

So under Custom NPC's, it says they must be bought in a workers compound, but I can still fill out the request for one and everything. But with Ships, Vehicles, Boats and Submarines, Droids, it only shows up if you are in the location required. So shouldn't the application for Custom NPC's be hidden unless you are at a Workers Compound, or am I understanding this wrong?

Year 17 Day 254 16:30
It should be. If it's allowing you to spawn them outside of a worker's compound, you'll want to open up a bug report.

Year 17 Day 255 10:52
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
Submitting a Custom NPC is different than spawning a CP ship/vehicle/droid.

The Custom NPC section shows the rules for the Custom NPC's as well as the fact you actually need to submit a name, picture, gender, and a race when you actually get to a workers compound. Unlike the CP ship/vehicles/droids where you just enter in the number you want.

If you attempt to submit a custom NPC outside of a workers comp it throws you to an error that says: "You are either not in the correct facility or have three NPCs waiting in queue."

If you want to suggest a change, do so in the suggestions forums, but as far as testing goes, it works fine.


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Year 17 Day 333 15:28
I hope to create art for swc. I am new and trying to understand how everything works. Can anyone give me advice?

Someone told me I can buy ships and customize them myself. How do I get extra CP besides logging in daily?

Year 17 Day 333 15:37
Generally it's suggested you open up your own question post. Anyway, there are multiple ways to get additional CPs. You can do work for different Combine teams which will net you some CP. As well, you can submit public customs at a reduced cost which will get you CP any time a player applies one. Finally, you can donate money which will get you CP based off of the conversion rate on the CP page.