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Archives » Rules clarification on Lock Notification
Somebody recently broke a lock in one of my facilities. I know because the stuff I locked up is...moving. Anyhow, the rules say:

"After a door has been successfully hacked, it is set to open and can be moved through. However, there is a 50% chance that the owner of the entity will receive a warning that one of their doors has been hacked."

I didn't get such a message. But...if I had...would the message have said
a) which building? "One of their doors" makes it seem like the message would not say which building or room...?
b) who unlocked the room? Again, it seems from the above warning that the message received (by the owner of the entity) would be very generic and it specify where or who...?
c) the location of the building or entity...(could then just check room events I guess)?

(Anyway, asking generally for the future. Don't care about chasing the current thief.)

Could someone post an event/message they have actually received as an example?

Wondering how much info such a message contains.

It says "Someone has broken a lock on the [entity type] [entity name]."

Edited By: Mikel von Bianchi on Year 17 Day 274 19:08
Thanks. Much appreciated, Mikel.

Edited By: Thomas Kolbe on Year 17 Day 274 19:40
In 5.1 of the Rules ("Hacking Security Control Panels"), it says nothing of a notification or it's percentage likeliness of a notification.

Does this mean that if someone hacks one of my security panels, then I will 100% NOT receive a notification? Or is it still 50%?

Thanks again.

Edited By: Thomas Kolbe on Year 18 Day 57 19:56
Same 50% chance.

I don't know if it's in the rules, but a sentry droid in the same room as the door/control panel will always result in a message being sent.

The message for hacking a security panel is "Someone has hacked the locks on the..."


Thanks for very clear responses as always.