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Year 17 Day 279 10:18
Is there any staff at center point? I made a account a month ago . It was never activated.
Got no email on it from them.
I also made a account for the holocron never got editing privs to make a page.
Yes I looked in my spam and junk mail.

Year 17 Day 279 10:26
Keanu Aelan
Keanu Aelan
CPM -> -> To create a new account, please send a Darkness Message (in-game message) to Togan Jano stating your email address and that you want to register a new account for yourself.

Holocron -> You need to DM Syn to have your account activated for editing privs

Year 17 Day 279 11:14
I did send a message to Togan Jano .

Year 17 Day 279 12:19
Keanu Aelan
Keanu Aelan
Then best wait for his answer

Year 17 Day 279 12:20
Doesn't have to be me for Holocron; the Help page on the left menu of the Holocron directs you to this page, which lists all the Holocron staff capable of activating an account. Most people just send one DM to multiple people on that list, which means that one of us will generally get to it within a few hours.

I've activated your account, in any case. Can't help with CPM as that's all Togan's baby. He usually has someone else helping him though, I thought? Check with Guybrush Threepwood.

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Year 17 Day 279 12:46
Thank you Syn . I will try him on Center point.

Year 17 Day 279 16:26
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
Kerri Manchester As well..

Year 17 Day 279 16:54
Thank you Sable.

Year 17 Day 282 15:26
I'm also having a problem with CPM , I sent Togan a message with my email and I want to create a CPM account , this was more than 2 weeks ago , and I keep refreshing my email every hour but I didn't get anything , I messaged him , but I didn't get an answer , I know he is a busy man and he may didn't see my message so if that's it I hope he sees this comment and look for my messages.


Year 17 Day 282 15:39
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
Again, try Kerri Manchester. This advice is based from personal experience. I had difficulty getting an account set up a few months back and Kerri was able to fix me up tickety boo!

As far as I know, Kerri can assist.

Year 17 Day 282 22:23
Decided Center Point was not worth the trouble .Thanks anyway

Year 17 Day 283 2:02
I'll message him , thanks for the help.


Year 17 Day 283 8:21
Decided Center Point was not worth the trouble .Thanks anyway

- Linda Janda
If you want to build a good reputation as a trader, I think CPM can help you more than any other place. Maybe the Trade Federation Marketplace is now another place to build reputation, but it is new while CPM is an well established one. You'll soon realize that a good reputation is essential to be a trader, so CPM is far from being unworthy of your troubles.

Year 17 Day 283 8:40
I actually disagree to a certain extent with R`Kayvyss Qoukiir. I think becoming known and respected trader means more than a CPM profile with a bignumber. I have been on the periphery of the trading circuit for a long time, long enough that people know that I have no interest in scamming. Just checking a CPM profile just says they have not scammed YET. While I have a 1.6b trade profile, knowing the person rather than the number seems more important to me.

Utono, for example, has a 4.5b trade profile, and a 96% positive rating. But after being scammed by him once I would likely never trade with him again because I know HIM.

Sadly these days are waning with the decrease in trading, most especially on IRC. But in the heydays of #swc-traders, CPM was just seen as an occasional thing.

Year 17 Day 283 14:45
I'M going with the Trade Federation site Fast sign up and replies answered timely.

Year 17 Day 284 21:21
Linda, just an FYI that you should try for both, due to TF's market being much less highly trafficked than CPM


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Year 17 Day 285 12:52
No until Center Point market gets a defined leader and shows they care I will not do business with them.

Year 17 Day 285 13:44
Keanu Aelan
Keanu Aelan
You don't do actual business with them... they offer you the platform to trade with other traders like ebay does...

So except for the account registration you don't have to deal that much with them. But it was mentioned quite often already here and in another thread that you should contact one of the other CPM admins to get your account....

Year 17 Day 285 13:50
This question has been answered. No need to try to pressure players for signing up for third party sites.