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Year 17 Day 280 10:44
Theseus Enstere
Theseus Enstere
Hi there,

I'm on a Starspeeder 3000 but I need to disembark in order to travel. However, when I try to disembark, it says I can't because there's a facility in the way.

Has anyone encountered this problem before, or have a solution?

Thank you!

Theseus Enstere

Year 17 Day 280 15:54
Ruben Wan
Ruben Wan

I've taken the Star Tours shuttle recently and I didn't have problems. Starpeeders 3000 are spawned automatically when you buy a ticket from the list of destinations the droid gives you.

Now, how it is possible you entered a Starspeeder ship without buying the ticket? Or, do you mean your travel has finished, and you cannot get out?


Ruben Wan

Year 17 Day 280 16:12
It sounds like you're attempting to exit into the city. If the star tours shuttle is above the star port, you wouldn't be able to exit into the city. You need to exit into the star port and go to the city from there.

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Year 17 Day 280 16:30
The way the NPC Transport works is that after you pay the requisite amount of credits a Star Speeder 3000 is created with you and your party inside. Then once you reach your destination you and your party are forcibly removed and placed in the Entrance/Exit of the Starport located at the destination you chose. That particular Star Speeder 3000 is then removed from the game.

Are you certain your travel time is finished? If it is complete you will most likely need to create a support ticket to have your situation checked because it should not behave in that manner.

Year 17 Day 280 16:58
Are you sure it auto kicks? The last time I rode one (very long ago), I had to manually leave it and then it was deleted. The error is pretty straight forward. He's attempting to leave the ship into the city. However, Star Tours shuttles are placed on top of the starport when they finish travel. You can't disembark if you're on top of a facility. I'd say it's more likely that, if the Star Tours does auto kick, the starport is full/doesn't have enough room for his party. But still, he should attempt to hop into the starport before thinking that it's a bug.

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Year 17 Day 280 17:01
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
Yes, can confirm that it auto-kicks you out. Sounds like that didn't happen here though.

Year 17 Day 280 17:05
Then the real question is can he board the starport. It sounds like someone has gone to that starport and loaded it up with NPCs or something similar to that. If that's the case, as Dol suggested, he should definitely do a support ticket so an asim can move him/some NPCs out of the starport. Maybe there needs to be a mechanism with Star Tours shuttles that'll kick NPCs out of starports if they're full?

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Year 17 Day 280 17:44
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
Npc transport functions as Dol Ka explained.

Could just be the wrong error. Theseus... go to the cockpit and tell us if it is still counting down for your destination. If it is, just wait till your trip is over.


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Year 17 Day 281 10:42
Theseus Enstere
Theseus Enstere
Thanks for the replies guys,

So I was never given a list of destinations when I boarded, I hadn't been playing the game so I didn't know what I was doing. Clearly I haven't bought a ticket, but when I attempt to leave the shuttle it only gives me an option to go the city, not the starport. And that's where the problem starts.

Thank you.

Year 17 Day 281 10:52
Theseus Enstere
Theseus Enstere
Also, I think because I'm not a member of the faction that owns the transport, I may be stuck in limbo, as it were. Is there a mechanism for admins to move your character if needs be?

Year 17 Day 281 11:31
Interesting. I would definitely put in a support ticket as suggested earlier. An asim can look into it and determine what they can do about you being stuck!

Year 17 Day 282 14:15
Theseus Enstere
Theseus Enstere
So I've sent in a ticket, but have yet to hear back. Any idea how long this kind of thing usually takes to resolve? Really want to get started with the game!

Thanks again for all the great help.

Year 17 Day 283 8:02
"because I'm not a member of the faction that owns the transport"

Assuming he means Starport, not the "Darkness" faction that owns the StarSpeeder, if he was kicked out of the faction (or left by sending a new join request) while in transit to an "open-to-faction" and/or "open-to-crewlist" that might cause the speeder to not be able to dock and/or auto-eject into the starport.

Theseus: If you haven't already, document all the circumstances you can (e.g. where you were when you bought the ticket for the shuttle, details regarding the faction you were in / are in now, etc.) and put them in a bug report.

ASIM ticket-handling will get you fixed in-game, but the Bug Report will help us find the root problem and prevent it from happening to anyone else.

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 17 Day 283 8:04
Year 17 Day 283 11:06
Theseus Enstere
Theseus Enstere
That's really helpful, thank you. The thing is though, I was never given the option to buy a ticket, I just boarded the Starspeeder because I didn't know any better as I was a beginner. I may just make a new account if I it doesn't get fixed soon.

Year 17 Day 283 11:20
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
Sounds like you spawned on a homeworld owned by a faction that has restricted access to their faction only. You were still able to spawn in the Starport, but when you boarded the Star Tours ship, which was parked on top of the Starport, you effectively locked yourself in since you're not allowed back into the Starport and you can't reach the street. Oh, the joys of being new in SWC :p

Year 17 Day 283 11:25
It's still a bug as you shouldn't be able to board a Starspeeder you don't have a ticket to since obviously this can happen.

Year 17 Day 283 11:27
Theseus Enstere
Theseus Enstere
Yeah I see what you guys mean. I think that if I don't hear back in a few days, I'm going to make a new character.

Thank you!

Year 17 Day 283 11:38
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
Have you tried contacting the faction that owns the Starport? I'm sure they can help you out.

Year 17 Day 283 11:56
Theseus Enstere
Theseus Enstere
Yeah I've sent a message to the faction, I'm waiting for a reply to that too.

Year 17 Day 283 12:07
Try to send a DM to Erek, as most support tickets take ages to get through because people with inane issues mark them as SUPER IMPORTANT and issues like yours blocking you from playing the game get buried under them.