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Year 17 Day 280 20:58
If one or more of my registered multis (my brothers in this case) desire to quit SWC, are they allowed to make over some or all of their assets to me before dropping/sun-diving, or is that a violation of the multi rules?

This sort of thing is not really explained in the rules pages as far as I can tell. After trawling the questions forums, I've brushed up on the many unwritten multi rules often spoken of by the administration when these sorts of questions come up. From what I've gathered, the above would be allowed. But if any of the aforementioned assets are in turn made over to new characters created by those accounts should they ever decide to recreate, doing so would be a violation of the multi rules, and thus a ban is warranted.

Am I understanding this correctly?

Year 17 Day 281 4:59
Thali`a N`ightshade
Thali`a N`ightshade
That's how I would read it Phillip. Makeover to you is fine but should they ever return they can only buy them back from you.

I can't see how being a registered multi account differs from anyone else as far as asset makeover is concerned, but always better to check.


Year 17 Day 282 0:17
Yeah they can make assets over to you. Sometimes those things do get investigated further, but if they are a legitimate multi, there shouldn't be anything suspicious about the accounts so you'd be fine.

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Year 17 Day 282 10:55
If it's not a legitimate multi the administration has ways of shutting that thing down.

Year 17 Day 282 13:58

Thanks for the help everybody!