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Year 17 Day 281 14:26
Is there a program that works with SWC? I HAVE USED 2 DIFFERENT ones . As soon as I merge the pic angry pixels appear.if saved as one there are none. But if submitted as p g you. can not see the pic. Just trying to make items for myself cause I can not afford to buy custom items.

Year 17 Day 281 15:15
Linda, make sure you're saving the image as a png. Jpg is a terrible format and one of the leading causes of dirty pixels. No matter how you save a jpg, it'll have lossy compression meaning that the black background around the entity will become distorted. As well, if you're already saving as png, make sure you're saving specifically as png24. png8 has a cap of 256 colors which could also cause dirty pixels.

As for specific programs, I personally suggest Krita. However, Gimp and Photoshop work just as well for doing recolors and custom items. Kirta is closer to Photoshop than Gimp in functionality and is free.

Edited By: Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss on Year 17 Day 281 15:17
Year 17 Day 281 16:21
Thank you Ulrike. I'm going to try it.