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Year 17 Day 285 15:47
Why is the Arq's carrying capacity so low compared to other frigates?

Year 17 Day 285 18:41
Some of the other frigates are carriers, while the Arquitens-class is a light cruiser designed to escort other ships (such as freighters or carriers). Compared to other cruisers, the Arquitens-class is small at 326 meters long, though similar ships include the Hammerhead-class cruiser and Kaloth BattleCruiser at 315 and 307 meters, respectively. These three cruisers are similar in length and cargo capacity, though the Arquitens-class can carry the least - but it is also the fastest. You could likely argue that cargo capacity was sacrificed for the more powerful engines.

You could also look at the fact that it was a CP ship, which are usually implemented as weaker than produced entities for game balance.


Year 17 Day 286 7:26

I was disappointed after seeing one in the Clone Wars carry at least a squad f fighters and mine in SWC can barely hold 3 ships, but I guess I should look at all stats before buying

Year 17 Day 286 7:49
it can hold about a squad of Eta-2s, which if I remember right I somewhat based the stats off, since Etas were a common ship for that era, plus as a fast frigate it would hold lighter ships.

Year 17 Day 286 9:03
That makes a lot of sense. I must be trying to use too heavy of fighters. thanks!