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Year 17 Day 286 7:21
I have an arrested Lost Soul NPC. I arrested it while in the TF, and I have since moved to a TF-nat faction. I can no longer move the NPC, even I have moved him since I have jumped (a while ago). Has there been a rules change?

Year 17 Day 286 8:27
... Any player character can force an arrested character into their party, regardless of if they were the arrester.

- "4/ When Arrested"

Rules appear to be the same. As long as he's still Arrested, anyone should be able to Party with him & move him.

If that's not the case Paul, please document all the circumstances, ie what you've tried and the results, and submit a bug report for us to test.

Year 17 Day 286 8:46
Ive tried moving him when I am supervisor and he was owned by someone else (I soldd him)

Ive tried moving him when I was supervisor and I owned him (they sent him back to be moved)

Year 17 Day 289 0:47
Mr. Luz, if he's still under arrest, then neither of you can "move" the NPC, if by "move" you mean command him via the Party screen.

You'd have to add him to your party, at which point the NPC would go wherever you go. Then, you'd kick him from your party at the desired location, then release him via the same Party screen.



Year 17 Day 292 19:56
That's the thing, I can't add him to my party

Year 17 Day 293 4:52
Is he still under arrest? Can you see him as under arrest in your Scanner or Travel screens? And can you see the bars across his avatar on the Party screen?

If you don't see him at all in your Party screen, then there may be a problem with his arrest.

Year 17 Day 293 8:17
I cant see him on the party screen, but previously I could. If you're TF, could you try to come release him and see if it helps? In Asrat