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Year 17 Day 286 13:59
Theseus Enstere
Theseus Enstere
Hi guys,

So I'm on the planet Moobia (281,73) and I'm just wandering around on the ground. I'm looking for a spaceport to travel to another system, but everything seems to be offices or defense stations. I know that there's a picture in the guide of what a spaceport looks like, but it's just impossible to tell. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Year 17 Day 286 15:32
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
Glad to see that you've escaped from the Starspeeder and reached the city. The Starport looks like this:


However, if your situation is the same as before (not a member of the faction that owns the planet, Starport and everything else you see around you), chances are that you don't have access.

Year 17 Day 286 17:25
I was looking at the Map of Moonia. I do not see a coty with an open spaceport. Did you pick this planet because of your factions HQ?

Year 17 Day 286 18:33
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
Afaik, yes. Spawned with faction then left faction.

Year 17 Day 286 20:01
If that is the case, then you are stuck on the planet until you can get someone to pick you up.

Year 17 Day 287 3:59
Theseus Enstere
Theseus Enstere
Ah, that's just fantastic haha. Seriously though, thank you very much for your help again guys, it really makes it easier for a new player like me.

Year 17 Day 287 9:45
Crispin Sygnus
Crispin Sygnus
I might be able to help, DM sent :)




Year 17 Day 288 19:12
And if Crispin can't I probably can, especially since it's for a fellow Mirialan. DM sent as well


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Year 17 Day 289 6:44
Theseus Enstere
Theseus Enstere
Well I've finally found my way out of all my predicaments. Once again thanks must be given to all those who replied and helped me, you really make it easier for new players.