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Archives » Can't upload file to holocron
Year 17 Day 292 12:46

I tried to upload this banner to the holocron:
Banner2_zpsnvrrqmd6.gif directly from my laptop.
But got the following error: "File extension does not match MIME type."

I'm not sure what MIME is tough, can someone tell me what i should do?


Year 17 Day 292 14:18

Are you keying in the destination file name manually and forgetting to type .gif on the end? That seems to have been an issue with someone that I googled. Otherwise just google for solutions, it's a mediawiki error.

Year 17 Day 292 20:07
I made sure it didn't have the html extension at the end (which it tries to shove onto it automatically). It keeps popping up with a 502 error.

Year 17 Day 293 13:59
Ruben Wan
Ruben Wan
Many images on SWC (ships, vehicles, etc.) are shown as png format but are actually jpegs. Or the contrary.
Sometimes it happens also with images taken from the web.

The easiest solution is to change the extension (Windows) or use a software like FastStone Image Viewer, open the image, check the info (right side of the screen) and save the image as, with the format updated according to its type.

Mediawiki is more stringent with image data, this is why it happens.

EDIT: When I tried to upload the image, I didn't get the MIME type error. Rather, I got this one:

Error creating thumbnail: sh: /usr/bin/convert: No such file or directory

Probably it needs a thumbnail then?

Anyway, your image is in this page now: http://holocron.swcombine.com/wiki/CorSec#Holographics

Enjoy. :-)

Edited By: Ruben Wan on Year 17 Day 293 14:11

Ruben Wan

Year 17 Day 293 14:25
Kyran Caelius
Kyran Caelius
Are you trying to upload over another file?

If you're replacing another file, their filetype (.png, .gif, .jpg) must be the same.


Year 17 Day 294 5:17
Thank you all for the help.
I didn't set the banner as gif in the destination file name i wrote. Weylin tried that but it didn't work?

Ruben has solved it tough, so big thanks for that ^-^

I didn't try to overwrite another file, but add a new one.


Year 17 Day 294 7:36
Ruben, to expand on the jpg/png:

I upload images in batches. Ans since artists on tje team only use png, to convert said images to jpg takes time and just means we will likely end up with dirty pixels.

Preferably the rules/gui pages could take any image format, but right now we just have to rename the files. Planets and systems are gifs, rules are jpgs, etc.

Year 17 Day 294 8:54
He wasn't really shit-talking the art team, he was just pointing out that our MIME types don't always match for whatever reason, but that Mediawiki is a real stickler for matching MIME types.

Year 17 Day 294 18:36
Ruben Wan
Ruben Wan
Thank you Jevon, thank you Mikel.

Yes, I was not negative on the graphics formats or the art team, and if I have sounded so I apologise.

In Neria's case, the problem was due to how photobucket.com treats the links. It adds an .html extension even for the direct link, so you must find a workaround to display the image. My first attempt at saving the image resulted in an empty file (0kb).


Ruben Wan

Year 17 Day 295 22:02
Ethan Travis
Ethan Travis
Or.......use something other than the photobucket.


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