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Year 17 Day 301 22:56
Fooj Iwajo
Fooj Iwajo
I have a question about a discrepancy in travel times between navcomp and actual space. I am currently flying an awing. With my piloting skill (4), the navcomp tells me it should take 12 minutes to travel one coordinate over. The rules state that each level in piloting decreases travel time by 5%, so 12 minutes appears to be correct for skill level 4. However, when I actually fly one coordinate over, it takes me 12 minutes 30 seconds. My question is: is this difference a result of a rules change or is it a bug?

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Year 17 Day 301 23:19
Raidan Spike
Raidan Spike
From my experimentation, the nav computer doesn't give an ETA that includes a precision of seconds. So it is actually giving you the correct answer for its precision.

EDIT: If you ask the nav comp to give you the time it would take to travel 10 coordinates with your stats and then divide that number by 10, you get 12 mins 30 seconds.

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Year 17 Day 302 0:42
Fooj Iwajo
Fooj Iwajo
Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the help. okok.gif

Year 17 Day 303 6:37
FWIW the Navicomp does not use the same equation to calculate distance (and therefore its ETA is different from the actual travel time, in practice). Navicomp is not giving the correct answer to a certain precision, it's just giving an answer that is 'close enough' for most of our purposes.