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Year 17 Day 309 16:13
Hello again,

I was looking through my items and noticed the little difference between these two. So If I'm not mistaken stun cuffs are needed to A/E another player, but what are binders used for?


Year 17 Day 309 16:18
Venari Haliat
Venari Haliat
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Year 17 Day 309 16:23
If I'm not mistaken binders can also be used to arrest. I tried arresting someone recently and forgot to equip my stun cuffs and I seem to remember the error message saying I needed cuffs or binders to arrest.


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Year 17 Day 309 16:38
Binders are single use while Stun Cuffs can be used an unlimited amount of times, I believe.

Year 17 Day 309 19:05
Dol is correct. Binders are single use, but are readily available. Stun cuffs are reusable, however are harder to get a hold of due to the datacard monopoly on them.

Year 17 Day 309 21:52
Ok, thanks guys. I read about the single use thing in the descriptions but didn't know if that's how it worked in the combine.

So if I'm getting it right, both binders and stun cuffs can be used to A/E both PCs and NPCs?


Year 17 Day 310 0:01
Raidan Spike
Raidan Spike
Both binders and stun cuffs can be used to A/E both PCs and Lost Souls. General NPCs can be arrested without need for either stun cuffs or binders.



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Year 17 Day 310 7:54
Outstanding! Thanks for the info again guys.


Year 17 Day 313 2:21
binders break after one use and stun cuffs fall on the ground and can be picked up and reused again and again.


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