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Archives » PROBLEM - Squad stuck above a building
I am trying to locate a party with a squad.
Found it ABOVE a building.
As I cannot move directly to that square I cannot party with them. On foot I cannot travel there and aboard my ship I get the option to board the building itself but cannot unboard on that specific tile.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to party with the squad?

I'm waiting for a response from the support centre.... but meanwhile any help would be appreciated.


Tell them to jump.
Otherwise, i think this may be a bug. So, bug report it.

edit: wich you already did.

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Unless you know how it could have happened, the bug report would likely be closed. Support ticket is the right way, and there's no workaround that I'm aware of to move them off yourself.

If I had them already squadded under my control I might try commanding them to patrol, but I wouldn't expect it to work.

I had something similar with a ship.
parked on top a starport I could land in the same 'spot' but couldn't load it or squad it.
When I docked in the starport I suddenly could board it from my ship (note: the other ship was still outside) and dock it as well. From there all was ok.

so maybe you can party with them from inside one of the rooms?


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I once believed in causes too, had my pointless point of view.
They wouldn't be at the same location, which is a bar to partying or squadding. PC would be inside the container in room X, and those npcs would be on the surface of the planet.

My best guess at how this would be possible, would be landing a ship on a building and then kicking NPCs out of it (This could be tested on Dev, Kay, if you were incredibly bored, same with the board entity command for NPCs/squads) It should give the same boarding error that characters get when they try to exit the ship above a facility, but NPCs have been shown to follow different rules in the past and may ignore that for this as well and need this fixed too.

A support ticket will likely be the only solution as no darkness workaround *should* permit the character to end up on that same tile (Another test for Dev, Kay, would be kicking a character out above a facility. Maybe kicking people out has different rules that need to be fixed?)

Arjuna was catching up on some support tickets the other day and Erek has been working on some off and on too, so someone should get around to this shortly, I'd think.

Thanks for the suggestions, I have tried them all without luck.

Will wait for the support ticket to be handled!


Oh, I guess that could be it. I opened a bug report to be tested. I'll mess with it when I have a bit of time.