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Year 17 Day 320 16:54
I hope I'm in the right place now.

The Gand and Barabel (Thanks to the gentleman who corrected me) are the only races who have a 6% chance whereas others are between 1-5%. considering the time frame that the game is in, and that the Force is out of balance, how come these 2 races have such a high aptitude?

Granted, the films/stories lean on a humanocentric story and that it is humans (any) who tip the balance mostly. I propose a flat 3% chance. That way everyone (regardless of race) could try to be a Force user (many will try, few will succeed).

Year 17 Day 320 17:22
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
considering the time frame that the game is in, and that the Force is out of balance, how come these 2 races have such a high aptitude? 

I don't know what the those two first things even mean, but different races have different chances because different races are different.

The rest of your post belongs in the Suggestion section of the forum.

Year 17 Day 320 17:35
pls close. I believe I got my answer.


"Don't underestimate the Force."
-Some Badass Dark Lord of the Sith that doesn't exist here.
Year 17 Day 320 17:37
My character is Gand, level 13, and still not Force sensitive. 6% is not much actually. Also, you're overrating Force sensitivity. As far as I know, everything that force sensitives can do with the Force, anyone else can do with items. So Force sensitivity is no big deal, in my opinion anyway.



Year 17 Day 320 18:45
There are a few additional things an FS player can do, such as use a lightsaber. Non-FS players can technically use a lightsaber, but afaik, they always have a 0 in the skill that influences its damage. Their skills are almost always countered by items, as R`Kayvyss stated, though.

Year 17 Day 320 22:11
For combat oriented individuals that use a lot of items the Force is quite the boon. Simply, the Force abilities are free item slots depending on the abilities you choose which is quite useful if you happen to have your item slots filled up already. For the majority of people the Force is not a big deal but for ground combat oriented individuals it is very useful.

As others have mentioned various races have different Force Probability values and those with a higher chance have a lower amount of skill points. Which means you have to make a choice; is the Force important enough to you to begin the game with a low amount of skill points?

Year 17 Day 321 7:36
Good points Dol Ka. As for me, I chose Gand because I wanted to play a Jedi back then, maybe what the OP had in mind. This was this year around February if my memory serves me well. Since I waited one or two weeks to spawn, I had time to understand that 6% was actually a low probability, but I had read enough about Gands to like the race, so I stuck to my choice. I just went for a more "Gandish" kind of roleplay. I don't regret it. I'm currently not interested on Jedi things.



Year 17 Day 329 12:56
Lyall Eyre
Lyall Eyre
I think the force probability rate for each race should stay as it is, because if every race had a 3% force probability there would be no force users in the galaxy like probably 3 new force users would be found every 2 years and I'm sure at least a good majority of swcombine's player population wants to be force sensitive. So with that being said it would be a bad idea if all race's had the same force probability those players would leave meaning no swcombine, so as far as the each races force probability no changes should be made.
But for future race's that get discovered i do there should be a couple races with force probability of 6% instead of just 2 maybe like 5 race's but that my opinion
maybe they will who know's like for example in my opinion i think this race should have a force probability of 5% " race I'm referring to seen in link displayed below " http://www.swcombine.com/forum/thread.php?thread=63794&page=0

and for the time line i think like where 50-80 years after the fall of the death star and so yes the force is still outta balance. if the timeline was the clone wars or the Jedi sith war force problity would be like human's 35% and Zabraks 25% XD

" Also regarding when i said a majority of SWC's player population wants to be FS i could be wrong but who know's that is the beauty of this game everyone has they're own plans some simple some big "



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