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Year 17 Day 321 19:02
I have contacted Tomas (the moderator) who has informed me he no longer is able or willing to moderate the forum because of a a lack of responsiveness of the players. As a player who wants to contribute, is there another admin who can help us on that forum?

Year 17 Day 321 19:21
There would be no issue with the forum if the majority of description authors actually came back to read and address feedback given by the Descriptions Team. Our job is not to take a bare-bones description and magically turn it into something amazing - we provide feedback and polishing touches to a worthwhile suggestion. Regarding your description submissions, only one of your three threads follows the correct format (though that is not the reason they've been untouched).

That said, I am effectively the only active team member at this point and even that's questionable. Between university courses and heavy mandatory OT at work, I don't have very much time for Combine itself, let alone moderating descriptions (alongside running an organization in Darkness). Editing and posting feedback to proposed descriptions is not even part of my role as Descriptions Team Leader, but we have a sore lack of team members to fulfill that duty. I believe our single Descriptions Team Member focuses his time on his role on the Implementation Team, which rightfully takes priority to descriptions.

It also doesn't help that the description upload tool was broken the last time I attempted to use it, so new descriptions were wiped from the rule pages after upload.


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