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Archives » Assigning NPCs to Production
Year 17 Day 325 15:49

I have started production on a ship and for some reason have not assigned as many NPCs to the project as much as I intended. As a result the expected production time is blown out. Is it easy add more NPCs to the job? I'm on my way back now but am hoping someone will be able to clarify earlier.

Year 17 Day 326 7:16
Stephanie Barefoot
Stephanie Barefoot
As far as I know Raven, once production has begun, you cannot add more workers to the project, not without having to abort first.

It is easy to add builders to a facility construction, but not in the production field.

Sorry. :/

Year 17 Day 326 8:25
I think it is possible to add them. I have recently started ship production in factory for my faction and I had to add workers to the construction. You have to pause the production first (Do not abort!) and then just select more NPC builders, it definitely worked when I tried it. ;-)


Year 17 Day 326 8:29
Stephanie Barefoot
Stephanie Barefoot
Interesting, looking at the rules page here it says otherwise;

'Worker' type NPCs, class 'Conversation', are used in production. The NPCs must be in the facility/station and be managed by the production faction that is managing the facility/station. The amount of NPCs to be used on the project depends on the size and quantity of what is being produced. The number of NPCs is entered upon adding a new project and can be edited up until the project is started. Once the project is started you can't edit the requested number of NPCs, so plan ahead. 

I'll ask around and find out.

Year 17 Day 326 9:00
You are right, the rules say this. But definitely it is possible. I can show you the faction event for it. ;-)



Year 17 Day 326 9:38
Production rules are out-of-date from the current interface. That being said, adding workers works, but also is bugged related to the recalculation of time.