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Archives » Ship stuck after cross terrain.
Year 17 Day 331 13:55

I hope this is the right place to put this I couldn't find anywhere else that looked better. I'm on the surface of a planet and attempted a cross terrain. After the timer was up I noticed I was still on the original square that I left from. Now my ship appears to be stuck, when I try to do any movement action I get the warning saying that the ship is already traveling, I can get out of the ship and move on foot but the ship will not budge.

Thank you


Year 17 Day 331 16:09
Thali`a N`ightshade
Thali`a N`ightshade
Same thing happened to Anax a short while ago. Syn fixed it so I am sure they will get you moving once they have seen this.


Year 17 Day 331 17:25
Thank you Mrs. N'ightsjade,

I figured it was a minor hiccup. I'm just glad it's not some new fangled tractor beam or something ;- ]

I'll be waiting patiently like the huntsmen that I am.

Year 17 Day 331 21:07
Don't patiently wait! DM me or leave me a PM on IRC or something! I happened to spot this thread in what is hopefully a timely fashion so this should be fixed now.



Year 17 Day 331 22:39
Yes ma'am it was timely indeed. I'll definitely remember to contact you directly next time. What are the question forums for if not learning a lesson?

Thank you Syn.