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Year 17 Day 339 15:59
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
Selling a lost soul on CPM as a custom npc as there is no lost soul type to select.

My question to the traders is whether it should be sold under another type? Maybe just a general service?


Year 17 Day 339 16:07
This thread is a mess.

Considering CPM is a third-party controlled website, you should go to them if you want to suggest a "Lost Soul" category.

If you want to ask traders what they think, this belongs in the traders lounge.

Year 17 Day 339 17:16
We've had CPM questions in this forum before. I don't think Syn minds since this is called "General Questions" and this is a question.

Sable, I frequently see Lost Souls listed as Custom NPCs and, in the description and title, it's explicitly stated that it's a lost soul. I'm not sure if Togan is active enough to add a new type or how difficult it is for them to add types to their database.

Year 17 Day 339 18:58
Nah it's fine here since people are more likely to search this forum with a question like that than the trading forums.



Year 17 Day 340 6:16
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
Thanks Ulrike.

you should go to them if you want to suggest a "Lost Soul" category.

- Some twit..

Maybe you responded to the wrong thread..show me where I suggested anything.


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