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Archives » ideas if enities combat testing could happen ?
Ruuda Tloosn
Ruuda Tloosn

hello yall,

i been plaing on that game for a long time ..

i seen the adding of the amazing players vs players testing on Derra... which seemed to be really greatly made....

i also seen what we have now... the possibility of ground combats vs creatures, npcs, and whatnot...

i was wondering if , that could be an idea.... to test out combat between spaceships....

maybe it wont be serious... just for test it could be removed after...

reserve a space system, and allow people to shoot each other....

i mean im just saying cuz this game is great , but we all know people just keep geting richer... ( no one lose their assets )

people could just go there , not caring about their y-wings or whatever and test out..... maybe give a feature of 'escape pod' ; that eject the player in a pod if he get destroyed....

Ground combat != space combat. They likely won't use the same code to operate since it will need its own rules. As far as I'm aware the code for space combat hasn't been started/is in very very early stages. It's best to just be patient given the fact that all of our developers are volunteers. This isn't a job for them so we can't really expect them to rush something out because people are anxious about trying space combat. As well, I recall the new movement system being planned for release before any other combat releases, but I might be wrong about that.

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I don't think space combat is even in the concept stages yet, sadly.
There may be a good alternative for you tough.
A offsite warsim for space combat, but you will need some friends to play with.


Ruuda Tloosn
Ruuda Tloosn
thanks yall.. i know, it was most a trollin question lol...

(edit): btw thanks nerya for the battle simulator link... its very useful and awesome :-)

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