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Archives » I have just been scammed and I need help.
I lost 12 million credits and 3 ships and I never got my items that I wanted and if your wandering what this persons name is well its Salvatore Vito falcon please contact me when someone has fixed everything.


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Venari Haliat
Venari Haliat
Not the forum.


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Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
I have fixed everything.

I am sorry, Zabian. Scamming is unfortunately an accepted reality in the Combine.

The most I can suggest is posting your evidence in the Traders Lounge against the scammer (provided they aren't already on the scammer list).


Scamming is not dealt with except by the community for a number of reasons, but mainly...You have to think...Would you think that someone sitting in a back corner alley is gonna be able to sell you a company that owns 13 Diamond Mines? No? Then why on earth would you assume that someone would sell you one of the highest priced items in the game in a personal discussion? If someone were wanting to sell one they'd place it on the CPM for BILLIONS and leave it up to an Auction so the price goes ever-higher.

As much as taking advantage of a new player is wrong, you are also rather equally at fault. Several of us even proved Scammers were real when Jax Starblade commented and Amelia/etc mentioned not to send credits to Jax (He is a good guy though). Then following that up another person Photoshopped the items you wanted as a joke to prove even more how scammers operate.

If you went with the risk, you will have to suffer the consequences friend.


fixed Everything...sorry to bust your bubble my friend but around here you and you alone are in charge of your own destiny and in charge of....FIXING EVERYTHING....

Welcome to the combine keep your credits close and your shinny,s tucked out of sight or you will find yourself not just robbed but dead.


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