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Archives » MNSF - Created cities or planet-wide?
Christine Apotheosis
Christine Apotheosis
Just a quick question for determining FI plans.
I see some older threads around here (1, 2) that state contradictory things, or could just be out of date information.

What I'd like to know is, in terms of server calculations, how is MNSF calculated? Is it calculated based on the number of cities that currently exist on a planet (i.e. sumCities*MNSFpercity = curMNSF) or is it based on the size of the planet, regardless of how many cities exist on it (i.e. [width^2]*MNSFpercity = curMNSF)?

Where curMNSF is the current maximum number of sustainable facilities.

In terms of a more mathematical approach, say I have a 10x10 planet. If you can have 1 casino every 4 cities, that's a total of 25 casinos that can be built on that planet. If there was only one city, filled with 25 casinos (and a magical ER of 1.5, let's pretend), would each of those casinos gain their standard income rate, or would it be reduced due to exceeding MSNF?

It's a question that's been on my mind for a while, and would help me in determining the best order to build cities in for facility income.
I hope I've explained my question well enough here, and if clarification is needed, I don't mind.

Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
MNSF is from the number of cities created on the planet.


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Ellias is correct in that second thread, also, that MNSF is planet-wide in its effect but calculated based on the number of cities actually on the planet.

Christine Apotheosis
Christine Apotheosis
Thank you both! This helps me greatly in planning out planetary development :)