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Archives » Returning player, ship stuck with no hyper?
Jax Dorvek
Jax Dorvek
Hi there, just returning after being away many years, I have a Bayonet class cruiser (ID# 118417) sitting at (-529, -471)

There is no gravity wells, or anything else for that matter in system, I am set as pilot and commander, and can fly in sublight fine. I cant however hyper out of there, every single time and location I have tried gives this error:

An error occurred: Out of bounds gal coords

I have tried locations close to me to ones far away, known and unknown areas, and always the same error. I have taken myself off the pilot and commander slots and then re added myself, same issue. I have had a ticket open for 3 weeks now with no response (Ticket #435344)
Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Raidan Spike
Raidan Spike
Looks like somehow (maybe during the galaxy shift?) your ship got moved outside the galaxy map. It only extends from -500 to 500 in both X and Y coordinates, so that would make your current position out of bounds hence the error.

Best way to fix this is to get an Asim to move your ship. DM Erek or PM him on IRC (normally Superman).



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Jax Dorvek
Jax Dorvek
Done a few days ago, he must be on holidays? No reply as yet.

Fixed. In the future, just PM me on IRC... I am behind on DMs and I try to read as many DMs as I do tickets.


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Jax Dorvek
Jax Dorvek
Cheers Erek,
Just did a test jump and its all working fine now, thank you very much for the help (or was it a tow lol)