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Year 18 Day 29 15:57
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
Do skills like slicing or computer operations serve any purpose for droids?

Year 18 Day 29 16:11
Nope. Only the piloting skills influence anything, and all they influence is the ability of the assigned pilot to board other ships or vehicles while in travel.

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Year 18 Day 29 16:19
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
So are they added for future features or just for rp?

Year 18 Day 29 18:29
At this point, RP. I'm not entirely sure what the dev team's intentions will be with them come further implementation or if they'll be removed entirely in some distant future update.

Year 18 Day 29 19:43
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Lexor Gregain
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Year 18 Day 30 7:51
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
Maybe having a droid in your party could boost a particular skill if they had one. I could see that working for slicing at least.. How many times did they lean on R2 to open blast doors?

Year 18 Day 30 9:57
That's been suggested and shot down before.