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Year 18 Day 33 5:34
Greetings all of you.

Here is my problem: One inactive faction member gave me some items and weapons before his inactivity. They are stored in different ships but I don't know the locations of that ships, so I can't take those items with me.

Is it possible to know the location of that ships in order to travel to that coords and pick that things?

Thanks a lot.

Year 18 Day 33 6:10
Unless you're assigned to the containing ship or own it yourself, no. You're unable to get the coordinates of the items unfortunately.

Year 18 Day 33 7:02
As to your follow-up question:
You CAN see, however, the name and ID of the container of the item.

People generally post that Container information in the Traders Lounge as a "Looking For CONTAINER (#ID) thread, in the hopes that the owner or someone who knows the owner will notice it and contact you.

Year 18 Day 33 7:06
Maybe that can works. Thank you both of you.