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Archives » Dear Admins, I submitted new account for approval, please delete this one lol
To whom it may concern:

I created this account a while now, never got to play due to personal reasons.

I've read about the combine and I'd like to join the game now, however, I'd like to request a new handle because I plan to play a female character in this star wars universe.

So I kindly request you to delete this account/handle and accept "Athena Starkiller"
instead when you have the time, which I submitted for approval a while ago.


Kyran Caelius
Kyran Caelius
You can't have multiple accounts; as this is your first account you must use this one. If you'd like to restart, then go to your Character Administration page (http://www.swcombine.com/members/character/) and click "Drop Character" on the upper left hand side (to the right and below the character avatar). You'll have to wait 3 weeks, but then you'll be able to create a new character.


Ok then.

Will I be able to change handle? That's the only thing I want to change really, aside from gender. (As I'm actually female in real life lol)

Edited By: Jacen Donegal on Year 18 Day 35 20:53
Venari Haliat
Venari Haliat
Drop your character.


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Kyran Caelius
Kyran Caelius
Yes, you will be able to change your handle. Drop your character and you'll go through the process of creating an entirely new character.