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Year 18 Day 36 6:02
Aki Starfell
Aki Starfell
So. Combat, eh? Questions.

Skills vs HP. Creating a character I want to play and also considering the skills of a race. Would end-game hp be more important. Especially when skills can only get you far in a equally skilled fight.

Useful Skills. Simple, what skills should be aimed for when considering improving hunting ability.

Gearing Up. What is the standard kit for hunting? Guns, armour, some kind of sensors? Do sensors go on all participaring party members? Or just you?

More to come I am sure. Mm.

Year 18 Day 36 7:51
It depends. Combat builds require more skill points than any other build within the Combine so it can be difficult, especially early on. In my opinion the most important skill for ground combat is Infantry Command since you gain more offense and defense from this skill than any other skill.

The amount of skill points that you wish to spend on personal skills, or skills that only affect your survivability and damage, depends entirely on how much you like combat. If you devote a lot of your time toward hunting and grinding experience I would recommend Medical Treatment with Healing Sticks.

The most important personal skills are Dexterity, Dodge and Strength. Dexterity allows you to hit enemies and is generally more useful than any of the specific weapon skills. Specific weapon skills should only be taken after you have upgraded your more important skills.

You should increase your Dodge skill to 4 or 5, any less and it is not very useful. The reason is that most NPC's in PvP or PvE will have an accuracy of 4 to 5 which allows you to have a 40% to 50% chance of avoiding damage entirely. Higher Strength, which means more health points, increases the effectiveness of the Dodge skill.

The equipment you use depends on what you wish to hunt. At the moment the A280 is the one of the least common weapon in bandit fitouts and is the only weapon that can attack at a range of 9. Since bandits do not move or attack, unless you attack them, this will allow you to defeat them without taking damage yourself. This will change when combat is implemented and activated. I personally use a DLT-20a and an A280 because it covers all ranges between 2 and 10. I would also recommend a Sprint-class rescue craft because it is one of the better ships for hunting.

Sensors. Biological Sensor Packs allow you to find any organic enemy which means all bandits, except the the occasional droid, and creatures. What you do is hire 12 scouts and equip each of them with macrobinoculars and a Biological Sensor Pack. Then place 3 scouts on each terrain square; you might have to move them around a little to find the correct places to cover the entire area. If you are equipped with a sensor pack you can see everything your scouts see and allows you to cover 4 terrain squares.

If you want to farm experience points and have a decent Medical Treatment skill then purchase a mace or staff from the NPC shop and healing sticks from a medical faction. Find a creature that can do a lot of damage and spend your time attacking and healing. You should not have NPC's with you if you do this or when combat is fully implemented. This is just the basics so there is a lot of more specific information I am sure I did not mention.

Year 18 Day 36 10:04
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
In my opinion the most important skill for ground combat is Infantry Command since you gain more offense and defense from this skill than any other skill. 

If I have squads under my command at my location.. can me and my immediate party still be hurt or do my squads need to be destroyed first?

If not.. why is Infantry Command the most important skill?

Year 18 Day 36 10:34
Aki Starfell
Aki Starfell
Can you actually have more than 1 squad with you while you hunt or is it limited to 1 squad when you are attacking?



Year 18 Day 36 10:40
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
You can have your immediate squad/party that you're a part of in addition to several squads at your location. In order for them to participate in the fight, they would have to be given the appropriate command to engage...they will automatically return fire of course if fired upon.

Year 18 Day 36 15:00
Aki Starfell
Aki Starfell
What about Perception? Does one need sensors and biological sensors? And whatever other sensor exists if they have a high perception?

Do you put a biological sensor on every member of your squad and scouts?

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Year 18 Day 36 15:37
There's really no such thing as "end-game HP" as there's no true end-game. You can keep leveling up forever. Obviously your HP is important, but is supplemented by armor (reducing the damage you take) and Dodge (preventing you from being hit in the first place). It's much better to not be hit than to tank the damage with a lot of HP.

Aside from Dodge, your weapon skill (projectile, non-projectile) and Dexterity determine how often and how hard you hit.

Currently, squad hunting is only available on the Combat beta worlds, as otherwise they won't attack things while they patrol.

You don't need sensors on every squad member. Many people station NPCs strategically around the map, equipped with binoculars to enhance their vision and a sensor pack so they can share sensors with you. You will also need a sensor pack equipped.

Year 18 Day 36 15:40
Squads only work to help attack on Derra/Serroco. Everywhere else in the galaxy they're useless for hunting, in which case infantry command is not a useful skill at all. It does let you patrol NPCs to level them, but that's about it. Dexterity is the most important skill. If you can't hit, you don't deal damage. HP doesn't matter at all. It's not a bad strategy to let yourself drop to 1 HP just to give yourself something to heal every round if you want to maximize XP (the Hunting Guide is pretty informative for the different strategies).

For sensors, you can put sensors (most people use the multi-sensor packs since they're meant to scan for everything) on yourself, and you should definitely put them on your scouts so they can share sensors with your ship (and optionally you). You do not need to put them on your squad. Whether or not you want to put them on yourself depends on the weapon you want to use. If you cannot fire outside of your normal range of vision (with or without macrobinocs, I suppose) because your weapon range is farther than your vision, you should equip the pack to yourself. If you are just using sensors to locate prey before flying in to close(ish) range, just sensor sharing with your ship is sufficient.

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Year 18 Day 36 15:54
Aki Starfell
Aki Starfell
By end-game I mean like when two people are going at it. Same level, same set of skills but one has the higher hp pool due to the Race Multiplier: 1.0. I imagine the one with the higher race multiplier is the one who'd likely win.

Year 18 Day 36 15:59
It's unlikely that two people will have the exact same skills and equipment, including party composition, at that point. A while back, Sel did an analysis of skills and HP and found that effective HP is extremely undervalued in SWC. Given the current state of things, skills are tremendously more useful, but I suppose it all depends on how likely you think you are to max out the skills you want (which would at least be dodge, dex, weapon, strength, and perhaps stealth or perception or whatever your preferred tactic will require). I am the highest level character in SWC and I only have six maxed skills. They aren't all ideal for the unlikely sort of one-on-one encounter you describe, however.



Year 18 Day 36 17:19
Aki Starfell
Aki Starfell
You mentioned stealth, I've noticed a button that allows one to go into stealth mode? Does it restrict you from moving once you go into that mode or any other restrictions? Would your squad also go into that mode?

Year 18 Day 36 17:34
Infantry Command is the most important skill when ground combat is activated galaxy wide. Each skill level allows you to have another party of 12 NPC's which gives far greater increase in damage than any other ground combat skill.

Defensively the Infantry Command skill is important, when ground combat is activated, because the player cannot control when a party fires on an enemy or which enemy is fired upon. So if there are two or three enemy groups in range there is a 50% or 33% chance they will hit the target the player wants. The more parties in range the less chance the enemies can do significant damage to a single party.

Effective HP are skills and equipment that preserves or increases your health. These include armor, Dodge, Medical Treatment and Strength. Medical Treatment allows you to recover a larger portion of your health by making medical items more effective. Strength increases your health pool. Dodge allows you to avoid damage each round so your health pool is not reduced as much. Armor simply reduces all damage that hit you by a percentage.

Perception increases your range of sight and counters the Stealth skill. You need sensors because it allows you to share the sight of allied NPC's that are equipped with them when you are equipped with one as well. Macrobinoculars are needed to increase the sight range of each NPC equipped with them so each scout can see more of the land. Perception and Stealth are useful but like other skills they are situational.

Racial Modifier is useful early on but it loses its effectiveness as your level increases. At Syn's level each 0.5 racial multiplier is worth about 85 health and that is roughly level 69 or 70.

Stealth places yourself and your party in stealth mode which allows you to attack, they can still return fire, and move without being seen unless the reveal your party with their perception skill. However, the lowest skill in your party is used for stealth purposes and your party moves 4 times slower than normal. So it is situational and you will need to build your party composition around it in order to make full use of it.

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Year 18 Day 36 18:21
You can read the rules on stealth here.

Year 18 Day 37 9:50
Infantry Command is the most important skill when ground combat is activated galaxy wide. 

Possibly, although that depends on the final implementation of combat. But it isn't useful for hunting. A better tactic would be to max out the +hit skills and medical treatment to accrue XP more efficiently so that more skill points are available for other skills later.



Year 18 Day 37 10:35
Aki Starfell
Aki Starfell
I've never bothered to mess with anything medical related things before. What kind of medical supplies are suggested? I figure it'd easy to buy once one has money flow coming in from potential trophies and drops one gets.


So this would be a likely skill set to go for?

Stength - 1: Extra remaining point, just threw it into Strength for some more health, plan to up it when I can.
Dexterity - 5: Maxing out Dext, so I can hit more often and thus more XP.
Dodge - 3 - Poured the remaining points after Dexterity into here. Lessening the chances of being hit.
Medical - 1: Something I plan on progressing after Strength?
Perception - 5: Seeing more is good? Or should this be left out and moved into medical, which may or may not be useful since I hope to be a safe distance? And unlikely to afford much of anything after fresh spawn.
Infantry Command - 4: Training npcs.

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Year 18 Day 37 11:01
For meds, you'd want to use refills and a medikit, although at lower medical skill levels it doesn't really matter. With med 5 you can gain almost as much xp from healing as from hunting if you have something to heal. If you just want to keep hunting and don't care about xp as much as loot, you can just use bacta patches. They're cheaper and will keep you going.

If your goal is xp, you'd want to avoid dropping points in dodge initially (that makes it less likely for you to take damage, so there's nothing to heal) and shift them into medical treatment, or at least weapon skill for a bit more +hit.

Seriously, check out the hunting page of the guide for skill descriptions. It's very useful. Perception 5 is unlikely to be necessary; you can get away with a lower level and a pair of macrobinocs just fine if you set up scouts/droids for sensor sharing. You really only need perception 5 immediately if you plan to use a long range sniper rifle from the start.



Year 18 Day 37 20:27
Possibly, although that depends on the final implementation of combat. But it isn't useful for hunting. 

The original question included PvP and unless Infantry Command is changed dramatically it will be a very important skill. As for medical items I would go for Healing Sticks for grinding experience because it has the best cost/experience ratio than any other healing items. If you have the credits then Bacta Refills give the most experience.

For exact skill levels and skill selection it depends. Is this for a new character or an existing character? What race is the character? Are you interested in PvP oriented combat or hunting? Do you want to grind experience?

These are necessary questions you need to ask yourself because it will realistically determine your skill selection.