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Year 18 Day 42 19:37
Hello all. I'm wanting to build a production based city. My only problem is that I have no idea what an ideal city would need in order to be at it's best. I know that location of the city and other things likely factor in. But what I need to know is aside from factories what other buildings would be best to use with them? And how many factories should I put into one city?

I want this city to produce as much as possible. FI is not my goal but will add FI buildings as long as it doesn't lower my production rates.


Year 18 Day 43 2:13
Well I got my info on the city building I needed. Not quite what I like but I hopefully found a better alternative.

Now my next question is this. X7s. I very limited knowledge in these stations. I'm assuming they're like space born factories. But do they follow the same ship building rules as a SY? So can it build any ship as long as it's less than 500m in length? And can X7s build other things such as weapons and armor?


Aka Bev'iin
Year 18 Day 43 2:34
This has been asked before here: X7 Factory Station. Each X7 Factory Station is essentially a single factory which means it can build anything a factory can.
This should be useful information as well: Production Equations. Specifically, the Civ Level and the Location Mod aspect of the equation.

Year 18 Day 43 11:27
Kris Eash
Kris Eash
Factory stations can only build entities less than 80 meters in length.


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Year 18 Day 43 12:03
Emphasis on Less Than, by the way. Don't try to build a Muurian in a Factory or an X-7.

Year 18 Day 43 13:42
Ty you all very much. I now can at least start some of my planning. You've all been a great help.