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Year 7 Day 155 7:48

and cant get a paid email, and i dont know anyone with such an address. I want to join!

Year 7 Day 155 16:31
How can you not have an ISP? How are you online if you don't have an ISP?


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Year 7 Day 155 17:33
Bryce Armadala
Bryce Armadala
A ISP is a Internet Servive Provider, like AOL, Earthlink, Roadrunner, and others. You have an ISP if you are online...

Year 7 Day 156 1:17
If you do not have an ISP e-mail of your own, you must know someone, whether online or in person, who uses a standard ISP and could set you up with a temporary e-mail account. Most ISPs allow for the creation of multiple e-mail addresses.

Work, school, and private domain e-mail addresses (webmaster/admin account) are accepted as well.



Year 7 Day 156 7:00

I have taled with all my online friends, and none of them have such an email. I get access from school (no i dont have a school email....)

Year 7 Day 156 7:05

Would a Gmail account work?

Year 7 Day 156 7:21
Bryce Armadala
Bryce Armadala
I don't think so. Do you pay for it?

Year 7 Day 156 10:53
Gmail accounts are free and are not accepted.

You only need a non-free e-mail account to receive your password initially. After that you can log in and change your preferred e-mail to your gmail account.

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