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Year 18 Day 46 6:39
I just arrived to a darkness planet (supposedly having one as I was told in #swc-help) only to find it has no bloody Worker's Compound...
How do I find the nearest one? It took me two weeks to get here, so I'm not going anywhere far.

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Year 18 Day 46 9:47
Technically you were told "Possibly. I think most race homeworlds have them." That one doesn't appear to but Arjuna is sometimes willing to add them for NPC hiring purposes. You could try contacting him to see if he'll do so for this homeworld. Otherwise there's no OOC way to find out for sure where the nearest is. You'd need to find out IC. Most people use their faction facilities since they can actually look those up. Darkness is not generally a supplier of all facility services, so no promises.

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Year 18 Day 46 9:54
Soz, not feeling well and forgot to write.
System: Maridun (249, 253)

Anything that's near works.


Year 18 Day 46 9:58
Exanthium Kerensky
Exanthium Kerensky
My faction, Independent Traders Infonet, own 2 WC's here:

Sector: Sprizen
System: Asher (122, 302)
Planet: Asher I (6, 2)
City: Asher I (13, 0) TG Mine (143.100) (13, 0)

You can be added to the access list to hire what you may need.
No shields either, so access to the city is no trouble.



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