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Year 18 Day 48 14:23
Thali`a N`ightshade
Thali`a N`ightshade
This may belong in suggestions forum but after reading an archived thread about a bounty issue I was wondering how come people can DM their boss or whoever about being captured via DM, ICly.

I know irc comes into play but surely they should not be able to contact someone in this manner on an IC basis unless they have some form of hidden contact device.

Or should any info AFTER an arrest that comes via DM be disregarded?


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Year 18 Day 48 16:52
In the past you couldn't send a DM when dead but that caused an issue with SWC staff members not being able to communicate. If DMs were blocked when arrested, the same issue could occur.

It's poor form to send IC DMs when arrested and violators should be shamed publicly. Any IC DMs after arrest should be completely disregarded and is probably a punishable rules violation.

unless they have some form of hidden contact device 

I assume that wouldn't be possible in game because all items get dropped upon arrest...last I knew anyways. I guess a good suggestion would be a skills check upon arrest to see if you could retain an item.


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Year 18 Day 48 18:09
Any IC DMs after arrest should be completely disregarded and is probably a punishable rules violation. 


Sadly, the reality of the game is that you can contact people as much as you want regardless of where you or they are located and what you're doing. So we don't really police communications outside of what's explicitly listed in the spying rules, namely sharing intelligence after you're dead.

Year 18 Day 48 21:23
Thali`a N`ightshade
Thali`a N`ightshade
I understand it is almost impossible to police but would saying "I have been arrested by ..such and such" not be equivalent to giving intel after death?

It was just one of those things that occurred but I guess in the event it wasn't logged would be "He said, she said"


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Year 18 Day 48 21:39
Considering they're still alive while arrested and might be released, no. It's much different.

Edit: Like Mikel said, it's too difficult to really police this. Even if they can't DM, they can just as easily get on IRC and tell their friends they've been arrested. If they can't get on IRC for one reason or another, they can email them. DMs aren't meant to be exclusively IC. There are plenty of circumstances where people use DMs as a convenient way to OOCly message their friends in the game.

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Year 18 Day 48 22:22
Thali`a N`ightshade
Thali`a N`ightshade
That was kinda my point Ulrike. The IC/OOC separation regarding these instances. IRL there would be no way other than via your captors and but I was curious if (and maybe a suggestion that would be denied) about having a OOC or IC on a DM

I will probs go to suggestion regarding this.

Thanks for the input though.


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Year 18 Day 49 11:45
That sounds like needless complication for something that has a simple solution: Expect people to tell other people that they've been arrested, whether it be through DM, IRC, or email (because seriously, they're going to do it even if we put up road blocks, we literally can't police it) and report them if you have proof that they're sharing intel after their death. There's no need for a suggestion.

Year 18 Day 49 14:57
Sharing information such as who arrested/executed your character is not against the spying rules; instead it would be considered poor roleplay much like repeatedly changing race whenever possible, so nothing can be done about it. The rules only forbid sharing classified information acquired by your previous character. The arrested/executed information would not be considered classified.

As others have mentioned it would be pointless to restrict or monitor Darkness Messages in any way, other than it being impossible due to the amount of manpower it would take, because of the sheer amount of different ways people can use to communicate with. Since it is not against the rules people would simply use another method of communicating such information if DM's become less convenient to use.

Year 18 Day 49 15:36
Ichiru Hanabusa
Ichiru Hanabusa
im pretty sure there was a suggestion around masks/other headgear being able to disguise you when you arrest someone so they wouldnt tell who it was who did it and couldnt pass that on, but i cant remember if people made any good arguments against it

Thali`a N`ightshade
Thali`a N`ightshade
I figured as much guys and gal. Just something I was pondering and wanted some input. Thanks all.


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Year 18 Day 50 7:53
Only other thing I'd add is concerning the proposition that
"... saying 'I have been arrested by ..such and such' [is] equivalent to giving intel after death"

Marking "IC" arresting/Death by the timestamp of the Darkness Arrest Event and ruling 'No IC communication after that point': A) is contrary to the principles behind the rest of our Delayed-Real-Time rules**, and B) it ICly purports to imbue the Arrester/Executioner with infallibility concerning keeping the prisoner from communicating either before or after the IC arrest.

May or may not be bad roleplay, and it may be far-fetched in some circumstances, but it's still in the purview of the arrested character's player as to whether their character reasonably got off a message. It would be godmoding to purport that the 'success' of an arrest and an Execution means that the Arrestor now gets to dictate the IC Canon reality of the circumstances of the arrest/execution and all the actions (or 'lack' of actions) of the Arrestee/Executionee leading up to same.

**Edit: Could be as simple as the player having not been online at the time of the arrest, and is making that DM/Email/IRC communication ICly 'now for then'.

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