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Year 18 Day 49 20:55
I have looked but could not find an answer to my question so I come to this forum and they might be easy to answer from people more experienced.

First question: Is the skill points one for one meaning if I had a skill at 2 and put 3 points into it will I get 5?

Second question: Is there a maximum to skills like if I had a skill at 5 and used 3 points could I get it to 8 or any higher if I used more points?

Year 18 Day 49 21:11
Raidan Spike
Raidan Spike
1) No, the points required to upgrade a skill increase with each level you already have.
0 -> 1 requires 1 skill point
1 -> 2 requires 1 skill point
2 -> 3 requires 2 skill point
3 -> 4 requires 3 skill point
4 -> 5 requires 4 skill point

Use the Character Creation Tester to experiment with this.

2) You cannot upgrade a skill above 5. The game won't allow you to spend any more points after you have reached level 5.



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