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Year 18 Day 52 15:30
Government-type factions may arrest and execute everyone within their territory. "Government Territory" is defined as any planet, system, sector that they control, and any super capital ship, capital ship, frigate or corvette or space station that they own.

Regular factions may authorize Government, Mercenary, Bounty Hunter or Security factions to issue warrants, arrest and execute within the faction's territory. "Faction Territory" is defined as any planet, system, sector that they control, and any capital ship or space station that they own.

Does this mean regular factions can not authorize arrests on frigate and corvettes they own? Just curious


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Year 18 Day 52 15:41
I would say yes, they can, but manufacturing, medical, mining and other "civilian" faction types can use only "In Faction Arrest and Execute", they can arrest only their own members. Government, mercenary, bounty hunter and pirate factions can use "Out of Faction Arrest and Execute" so they can arrest everyone if they meet the detailed conditions. ;-)

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Year 18 Day 52 17:18
The exclusion of frigates corvettes etc. puts them into the category of the surrounding space only. Afaik territory is an additive set, not exclusive. I think (but haven't tested) that a Capital ship owned by faction A in a system owned by faction B is in BOTH A and B's territories.

Authorize Arrest is an all or nothing setting, so it appplies to any territory of the authorizing faction.

Year 18 Day 52 17:55
Ichiru Hanabusa
Ichiru Hanabusa
im pretty sure thats not right Kay for a/e territory, i think it works by going up a level of container til it finds a valid territory and stops there (ive been unable to arrest on a corvette owned by my manufacturing faction in the merc group who provided privs system before)

per frigates and corvettes im pretty sure thats a oversight in listing on the rules (probably from before caps got seperated into sub categories), someone (at least claims) to have tried to arrest me on a corvette my faction owned and was unable to because it was our territory

i could be entirely wrong here tho and my situations had other variables affecting them

Year 18 Day 52 18:13
Capital ship = super cap, cap, frigate, corvette. Applies to a/e and skills. As you can see the second section pasted doesn't specify super caps, either. The first section just expounds on how caps are defined for a/e.



Year 18 Day 52 19:50
The writing for that rule just predates the split into Super Capital, Capital, Frigate, Corvette, Heavy Freighter, Light Freighter, Gunboat, Starfighter.

Before that, we simply had Capital, Freighter, Fighter, iirc. Now, everything above heavy freighter falls into the capital-class for arrest/executive.


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