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Year 7 Day 157 1:46
Orta Berma
Orta Berma
I'm probably being a total noob here, but why does it take literally hours to move around the city?

Year 7 Day 157 7:07
It's the nature of the game. SWC is being played in real time - meaning that the game moves on even if you're not online. The extended time frame here - taking hours to move from one end of the city to another, for example - is meant to sort of accommodate your offline hours. It gives less of an advantage to those guys who can afford to stay online 24/7. That's my take, anyway.

And, well, it [i]makes[/i] sense. I'd expect a city to be large - consider how much of a planet's surface it takes up.

Year 7 Day 158 12:49
Claude Adrien
Claude Adrien
also you can improve the rate at which you travel through a city by increasing your speed attribute

and once you start piloting a ship you can increase your speed by buying a faster ship or increasing your pilot ability in your desired ship class.

Year 7 Day 162 4:05
Hoshe Naba
Hoshe Naba
yea i got 3 speed and i go 7mph