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Year 18 Day 162 20:24
Recently I have been having issues loading pages when having SWC open. If I try to google, or load anything besides a direct link to a website it just never opens instead the refresh bar spins forever.

So say I wanted to look up some granny porn, if I just type it into google it will never load. Now if I was to say, put the exact URL of a video I want to watch in it loads instantaneously. It is only when I have SWC open if I close them it works, also other browsers work even SWC up at the same time.

For example I have just had a firefox tab open for when I am googling shit, it is quite annoying when trying to do some classwork or other research.

I did not have this problem before and it is honestly a pain in the ass.. Any ideas? This is Chrome by the way.

Year 18 Day 162 21:25
That's quite strange. Right now I have three SWC tabs open and 13 other tabs (about 9 of them different sites, others different parts of the same site). I don't have that issue on Chrome.

You've gotten the latest version of Chrome?

Year 18 Day 162 21:43
Yeah dunno, seems it is on my end. Chrome is all up to date, unsure what is up. No one else has any similar issues. Seems like firefox works fine, might have to swap to that unfortunately.

Year 18 Day 162 23:08
Reboot your computer lately? Lol

Weird as it sounds, sometimes that -does- fix issues.

Year 18 Day 163 18:28
Cait Catra
Cait Catra
Yeah I'm using Chrome, have Combine open 27/7, and 3 pages of Chrome open with a total of 37 tabs open, no problems. Clear the cookies maybe?

Year 18 Day 164 8:50
SWC is a very simple website and does not use any advanced features, it is very unlikely that it is causing what you are describing.


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Year 18 Day 166 22:44
Add blocker installed? Or an other third party add on?


Year 18 Day 173 3:00
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
I have just been having a really really slow time with Firefox even though Edge runs perfectly well as I rarely use it. Going into the troubleshooting section of firefox under help there is a refresh firefox option which I used and then like magic my Firefox is back to its super speedy self again.

Year 18 Day 183 14:32
Carth Falte
Carth Falte
So say I wanted to look up some granny porn, if I just type it into google it will never load. 

Maybe google is just trying to give you a subtle hint there.

But being more seriously... Try grabbing an adblocker and see if disabling certain parts of the SWCombine site works... (adblockers can block also be used to block certain parts of a website and it's attached scripts) Like... the timers or even the Year Day Time up in the left corner.

It could just be that somehow somewhere something in constant action bugged up with you. If this doesn't help the usual suspects should help... Cookies, temp files... etc.. Just run CCleaner and have it all removed.

If all of this doesn't work I don't have ANY ideas at all.