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Year 18 Day 167 8:31
The faction I'm in has custom images for for it's datacards.
We like to include our custom image in the DC's we assign to factories from other parties.

If we assign this datacard to factories which are not ours, the custom image is not included. As for my understanding the custom image is part of the DC, so how does it work? What is the intended feature of this?

Year 18 Day 167 9:15
I do believe the factory has to be assigned to or owned by the custom holder. It's not attached to the DC itself.

Year 18 Day 167 9:21
If I assign the DC to our faction factories, the custom image can be used in production.

If I assign the DC to a factory owned by another party, the custom image is not selectable.

It is a bit unclear in the rules if the image is attached to the DC or to the faction only.
Rules Link


Year 18 Day 167 9:27
In fact, this is not correct:
"The form to set an image is located under the "Assign Datacard" form."

The image needs to be set in the CP menu.
And in the factory production menu the image can be chosen once accepted.
In the Datacard inventory menu there is no possibility to set images..


Year 18 Day 167 9:51
The DC is assigned to the faction, not the DC. Submitting a custom image isn't the same as setting a custom image. But yes, many custom rules are likely extremely outdated in general since the system was entirely changed (and is due for another rewrite). Are you assigned as the manager of the factory? The standard application rules apply even to DC customs as far as I'm aware. That means you either need to own the entity (in this case the factory) or need to be assigned manager of it. If it isn't operating that way, then there's probably some other weird issue going on (and would add to the long list of reasons the custom system needs entirely replaced).

Year 18 Day 167 11:41
We are not the owner and neither the manager of said factory.
Thank you Ulrike, I think the manager assignment is the key to fix this.

Year 18 Day 167 18:44
Dan Hakim
Dan Hakim
The rules state that there's a form to manage custom images on the assign DC screen but it's not there, so how can you assign custom images to DCs without the form?

Edited By: Dan Hakim on Year 18 Day 168 0:21

Year 18 Day 168 13:10
Like I said previously, Dan, production customs are at a faction level, NOT a DC level. You assign the custom during production, not during the assignment. The custom rules were never updated to reflect the current system (which itself will likely be replaced in the nearish future) so they're largely non-factual. I'll see if we can go in and get the old rules replaced (not sure if that's on the asim end or dev team end).