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Year 18 Day 259 11:35
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo

Having screwed up several of my own cities in the past, I thought I would consider doing it properly some time in the future.

Maybe someone can provide some insight or direct me to any resources on the subject.

I would guess there are few FI cities models that people use?

Aside from building an FI City.. I understand planet stats needs to be considered as well..

Can someone steer me in the right direction? Has anyone made a calculator of sorts for this?

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Year 18 Day 259 13:42
I, too, am interested in this. Was just about to ask the same thing myself.


Danger Dinos Unite!
Year 18 Day 259 14:47
I don't know specifics but I know there is a general rule of thumb that no more than 4 of the same facility should be made except for power generators if needed

Also from what I have seen, Casinos raise crime rate and prisons lower them

Could be wrong but this is what I have seen in discussions before



Year 18 Day 259 19:29
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir
Fair warning, I have been gone for about ten months and havnt built a city in over 2 years likely. So I am not sure how much of this is still true.

Garages, hotels, offices, taverns are all four I believe. More then that and you wont make additional profit.

You want an ER of 1.4 or 1.5 The closer the better. You want crime as close to zero as you can using prisons. If you are building large scale it may be worth making a prison city to handle crime.

Moral should be as high as possible. This is done with religious facilities. I do not think they have to be managed by a religious faction to get the moral bonus, but they do have to be managed by a religious faction if you want the income from them.

All facils that generate income (section 3)=

Year 18 Day 259 19:55
No real need for religious facilities, as palaces/barracks will lower crime and raise morale no issue. I'm a big fan of generic facilities that don't require my FI to be sent a faction who will demand a cut.


Year 18 Day 260 14:11
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko
ER needs to be about 1.5.

The 4 HOTs (hotels/offices/taverns) rule is for maximum income per facility. Any more and income is spread around the facilities of the same type. BUT, 4HOTs is (as I understand) planet-wide average. So you can have one city with 8HOTs, and another without any.

Other facilities also have a maximum income number for their type, but you can ask around for information about those, e.g. religious types, casino, garage, etc.

You also need to keep control of crime and morale, and that depends on other types of facility. But crime/morale are planet wide attributes, so having a perfect city on a planet with 20 bad cities is not good.


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Year 18 Day 260 15:21
Other facilities also have a maximum income number for their type, but you can ask around for information about those, e.g. religious types, casino, garage, etc.

- Kuro Neko

Can anyone tell me about these?

I think I heard somewhere you want a max of like 4 casinos per planet and close to the same for churches. Thanks!


Danger Dinos Unite!
Year 18 Day 260 18:57
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
Thanks for the input so far. It cleared up a few things and made it a bit more simple in my mind.

A few more questions:

Maximum Number of Sustainable Facilities (MNSF) This value is hidden? Can you calculate it somehow? Is it random or do people just estimate?

3.5/ Planetary Control
The faction owning more than 50% of the flats of a planet, with these flats being all powered is considered as the government of the planet. 

This sounds very vague. I have asked about securing planets before and had been told.. just build a city full of hotels. Based on the quote.. why can't I just build two flats and call it a day?

Year 18 Day 260 19:00
Raidan Spike
Raidan Spike
Because of the government rules.



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Year 18 Day 260 19:04
Ok, so I did a little digging around and from what I found, these are generally the best amounts of facilities per city/planet to maintain the best stats:

ATM - 2/city
Chapel - 2/city

Bank - 1/city
Garage - 2/city
Hotel - 4/City
Office - 4/city
Tavern - 4/city

Dry Dock - 2/city

Casino - 1 PER 4 CITIES
Church - 2/city
Civic Center - 1/city
Library - 2/city
Museum - 2/city

Hangar - 2/city
Landing Pad - 2/city

Stadiuim - 1 PER 10 CITIES

Starport - 1 PER 5 CITIES

Hospital - 1/city
Port - 1/city
Ranch - 1 PER 3-4 CITIES
Temple - 1/city
Training Academy - 1/city

Cathedral - 1 PER 5 CITIES

Wildland Preserve - 1/city (lol really? like this needs to be said?)


Danger Dinos Unite!
Year 18 Day 260 19:28
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
On any planet where the population is greater than (Planet size * Planet size * 2,500), the faction owning more than 50% of the flats of a planet, with these flats being all powered is considered the controlling power of that planet. 

So planet size is the number of terrain squares?

Correct me if I'm wrong here.. let's use a 2 x 2 planet.


4 x 4 x 2500 = 400,000

So I would need more than 50% of 400,000? So 201,000 would get me control?

Year 18 Day 260 20:25
Dimitri's numbers per facility look correct.

As for planetary control, I don't normally freely hand out stuff like this, but whatever.

These are the minimum numbers of flats required for each size of planet. The planet MUST have at least that number of flats, with +51% controlled by a single faction to achieve planetary control.

1x1 - 28 flats (2,500 pop)
2x2 - 51 flats (10,000 pop)
3x3 - 73 flats (22,500 pop)
4x4 - 94 flats (40,000 pop)
5x5 - 115 flats (62,500 pop)
6x6 - 136 flats (90,000 pop)
7x7 - 156 flats (122,500 pop)
8x8 - 176 flats (160,000 pop)
9x9 - 196 flats (202,500 pop)
10x10 - 216 flats (250,000 pop)
11x11 - 236 flats (302,500 pop)
12x12 - 255 flats (360,000 pop)
13x13 - 275 flats (422,500 pop)
14x14 - 294 flats (490,000 pop)
15x15 - 313 flats (562,500 pop)
16x16 - 332 flats (640,000 pop)
17x17 - 352 flats (722,500 pop)
18x18 - 371 flats (810,000 pop)
19x19 - 389 flats (902,500 pop)
20x20 - 408 flats (1,000,000 pop)

For proven reference, I discovered and secured the seven planets of the Chopani sector with minimal building using these exact numbers. I have multiple spreadsheets for this sort of thing.

We'll use a 5x5 as an example.

5 * 5 = 25 * 2,500 = 62,500
So 62,500 is the base population required for control. You can break that down into flats by using the base population equation of BP = (Ln (Flats) x (Flats)^2) + (Flats)

(Ln(114)*(114)^2)+(114) = 61,665.64 (below the minimum 62,500 population required)
(Ln(115)*(115)^2)+(115) = 62,866.73 (above the minimum 62,500 poplation required)

Thus, 115+ flats are required for planetary control. All you need to do is make the population higher the minimum required and that is all the flats you need to build for planetary control. If there were exactly 115 flats on the planet, you would need to have 58+ of those flats to obtain control of the planet.


Year 18 Day 260 20:35
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
Thanks Tomas,

This is really good information. As far as securing the planet, considering people ready to swoop in.. Generally, factions just use hotels to secure it and then start building and recycling where necessary?


In my scenario.. I added an extra 0..

4 x 4= 16 x 2500 = 40,000.. So I would need 94 flats on the planet and 51% would have to be controlled by a single faction to take control.

Year 18 Day 260 20:42
Yes, hotels are the most common tactic though I've also planned for 50 flats. The benefit of hotels is how quickly they can be built, though the power generators to power them are never faster than about 3 days (maybe the top end of 2 days at the very best).


Year 18 Day 260 20:43
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
Sorry to be a bother but I don't understand the breakdown of BP

(Ln (Flats) x (Flats)^2) + (Flats)

What does (Ln = Logarithm, Natural) represent?

Also.. what does '^' mean?

Year 18 Day 261 5:14
Evan Bluvius
Evan Bluvius
Ln (natural log) is a mathematical expression. Most calculators have an "ln" button available.

The carrot ("^") means exponent. So "(Flats)^2" is the same as "Flats*Flats".

If you take the equation you quoted and stick it into Google with some of the flat values Tomas provided, you'll see that the resulting population is larger than the population mandated by the Government rules for the respective planet size.

For example, for a 5x5 planet you need 62,500 population. This means you need 115 flats because:

114 flats isn't enough: (ln(114) * (114)^2) + (114)) = 61,665

115 flats is more than the 62,500 requirement: (ln(115) * (115)^2) + (115)) = 62,866

Year 18 Day 261 7:25
Sable Sojo
Sable Sojo
Perfect, thanks!

Now for the easy part, finding a planet! (Sarcasm)


Wicked Trixie False
Year 18 Day 261 10:49
Bambl Cata
Bambl Cata
According to the super calc I saw a while back, Casinos actually contributed to reducing crime.

Ellias made the spreadsheet, I would suggest asking him if you could take a look, building a planet requires proper planning to be done perfectly.

Year 18 Day 262 0:35
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir
I am loving this thread, I am learning a thing or two.

Year 18 Day 262 3:32
Not really Bambl. Close enough usually nets you enough credits. I dont think Ellias is even around anymore to sell his spreadsheet.

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