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Archives » dropped characters posting in forums.
Moronna `Teal Ma
Moronna `Teal Ma
Hello, recently some events had me to drop my character. I wish to ask whether I can still post in the forums as my character with her information that she knows, even if someone has possession of my body? Can I do this till respawn?

While I'm not an admin, you let go of all IC connections to your character when you dropped it. You have no more right than I do to roleplay your dropped character. The owner of that Lost Soul NPC now controls what it does IC.


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Moronna `Teal Ma
Moronna `Teal Ma
Understood, thank you Tomas.


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Tomas (and anyone else):

if a Lost Soul is assigned to someone else, could that Commander of the LS, for example, use those privs to post a GNS or in a Forum thread, as if you were repeating a conversation you shared?

TL/DR: Don't abuse your friend's toys, play the Lost Soul faithfully to the character, accept that the prior player should be deferred to where possible, and there shouldn't be any problems. Where RPing another PC's character's actions are a "Ask Permission" situation, RPing a Lost Soul's is more of a "Beg Forgiveness".

If people are looking for a trump card to let them be obstinate and just "do what they want", then their attitudes need to be checked. SWC's mechanics support adversarial positions between players, while RP itself is about collaboration first and foremost, and that includes RPing other people's former characters. Keep those two mindsets in their proper places, and you'll likely be fine.

The Admins are hands-off with respect to RPing a Lost Soul, and would only ever review on a case-by-case basis. Syn's answer in another similar thread is useful reading, but the moral of the story is there is no perfect, straightforward answer beyond the very general 'Do Unto Others - all the rest is commentary', and if you act unreasonably, then the former player has a legitimate complaint against you and punishment could theoretically happen.

I parse it all (several threads linked, my own memory, etc.) into this set of guidelines for Lost Soul RP:

1) Gaining possession/ownership of a Lost Soul does not grant any "absolute" rights to RP that character in a way its prior owner objects to on reasonable grounds. All the same rules of respect among fellow players should apply: LS-Owners should figure out what they want to RP, run it by / consult with ex-PCs, follow their directions, and defer to them if there is a disagreement in the collaboration. Ex-PCs should accept they no longer have the right to just blanket refuse the RP at all and must either collaborate promptly and reasonably, or take a back seat and rely on their remedy of complaining after-the-fact. Ex-PCs also see #3.

2) In many cases, the previous player of a Lost Soul is not available, is unresponsive, otherwise refuses to collaborate, or unreasonably refuses to condone requested RP scripts. Former two happen a lot, and shame on them in the latter cases. Owners or Commanders or Supervisors who have physical access can feel free to 'declare-as-canon rp' actions and speech of the Lost Soul, with the proviso that best efforts should always be taken to play the character in a manner that is consistent with the prior player's RP.
i) Also, it's usually a good idea to only RP a Lost Soul within the confines of its existence in Darkness where possible. If it's a prisoner, then RP it as a prisoner. If it's fighting alongside you because *mechanics*, and that's consistent with RP, okay then. If its Darkness existence is wholly inconsistent with the RP, either find a reasonable bridge to get the NPC from A to B or just Do Not RP them out of appropriate contexts. Put yourself in the former players' shoes and see the Lost Soul as a full character - not as a prop, and you should be fine.

3) If you are a prior player of a current Lost Soul, you should collaborate with the current owner on directing RPs, and not be unreasonable in your objections (e.g. you may not 'blanket' deny RPing. If you have an objection to the way your Lost Soul has been RPed, you should:
a) attempt to resolve things with the player who RP'd your former character in an amicable and collaborative fashion; and
b) if necessary, bring the complaint forward to the appropriate staff moderator (e.g. Scenario Mod, Holocron Admin, and all else failed ASIM)

@Belloq: I see no reason to make a distinction between owner and assigns, as with any "freedom" comes the obligation to be reasonable in any event. I think that physical access and Darkness Existence of the Lost Soul is far more important a distinction to make.

Kay, thanks for going into this detail. There is a very viable resale market for Lost Souls these days, and many of those are of players who were banned or otherwise seen as criminals, and their new owners might not take the words you say above to heart.

So, if a player really wants to cover all the bases, they should:

1) gain posession of the Lost Soul, or prvivs and the OK of the LS's current owner;

2) Try and get permission of the previous player;

3) And agree to RP the LS in the manner that the previous owner would agree with.

I wonder if there's a way that a player can check the ownership of their Lost Soul from the Admins or Asims? Or is their only recourse to head to the Trader's Forum and post a request for info, the way one would for items onboard an unowned ship.



These ideas are great for those who knew the Lost Soul as a PC. But that's not always the case.

I have a Lost Soul that was on board a ship I bought. I have no idea who the player was or when he/she dropped. So I RP her however I see fit.

Well, yeah. That falls under guideline #2, innit? After reasonable best efforts to find the PC and collaborate, do #2. There's probably no major resources available for most Lost Souls you'll find. Maybe a holocron entry, maybe some forum posts, possibly enough information to find out whether they had been part of a faction, and maybe a public non-blank Profile.

Given they're dropped and just 'on a ship' 10 bucks says they are an unestablished newbie just gave up their toon and aren't a prisoner forcibly converted. Much less problem or 'risk' of the ex-player complaining about something, period.

Do the best you can and be willing to change if the prior PC shows up again.

@Belloq: Yeah, I firmly believe even cheaters and players of IC horrible characters need to be respected regarding established and planned RP. It generally becomes obvious when, at some point, an unreasonable person won't collaborate at all, and there is the ultimate choice to just RP how you would reasonably RP that character as if it were your main, and let the previous player complain if they wish. That should never be a first resort or a starting point - we should always strive to gain agreement about RP.

Aren't owners shown on the Scanner RoomTravel page?

Aren't owners shown on the Scanner RoomTravel page? 

They are. But I was thinking more along the lines of a Player who wants to know who owns their previous character's Lost Soul.

Is there any way for them to find out who Lost Soul is owned by?

Not for a player, unless someone tells you.