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Year 18 Day 270 10:41
I have NPCs assigned by the faction I am in. What will happen on them if I leave the faction, and join another faction? Thank you.

Year 18 Day 270 10:46
So the act of leaving your faction will not cause anything to happen with those NPCs currently assigned to you.

Other members of your former faction may unassign those NPCs, but that is something those other players must actively do.

Year 18 Day 270 11:13
Only from the aspect of the game mechanics, how about joining another faction? will the NPCs be unassigned automatically? Thank you.

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Year 18 Day 270 11:49
No, a player must unassign them from you. There is no 'automatic' about it.

Year 18 Day 270 12:03
Or do un-assigning myself. The information is important. Thank you.

Year 18 Day 270 12:44
Xesh Randell
Xesh Randell
You can unassign yourself as supervisor or manager of those NPCs...

Year 18 Day 270 13:08
Or do un-assign the NPCs myself. Thanks.

Year 18 Day 270 19:36



Year 18 Day 270 21:57
Or un-assign the NPCs myself.

Year 18 Day 271 7:59
Leaving a faction has no effect on what is assigned to you personally, it only effects you if it is assigned to the faction.



Year 18 Day 271 12:44
Hello Calab, thank you for adding words.

I didn't say it clearly. The faction assigned me as supervisor of the NPCs in question.

As Kay said, the game itself does nothing about assigned NPCs if the assigned player leaves the faction or joins another faction, and un-assigning can only be taken by real player explicitly.

So what does what you said mean, "it only effects you if it is assigned to the faction"?

Year 18 Day 271 13:03
Basically it means if your factions is assigned as the manager of the NPC, then while you are in the faction you can still see them in your inventory as assigned NPC's and they can use used for Faction tasks such as production.

If you leave the faction and you are not assigned as the Supervisor, then you will no longer get to use that NPC for anything and it will not show up in your list of NPC's assigned anymore.

I think I worded that correctly



Year 18 Day 271 13:32
So there is difference between for supervisor and manager, the role/position roles/positions that was were assigned, after leaving the faction? If supervisor, I will still be able to see the NPCs in the inventory after leaving. If manager, I won't. Do you mean this?

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Year 18 Day 271 21:41
Hmmm, how to put this

If you are assigned as a manager or supervisor of an NPC, then it does not matter if you are in a faction, leave a faction or join a faction.

As was stated before, changing faction status will not effect the NPC assignment.



Year 18 Day 272 17:28
I think I overlooked some details. Please let me re-ask the question in another form.

I am a member of a faction. The faction has assigned me as supervisor of NPCs. The faction is the owner of the NPCs. Managers of some of the NPCs are assigned to another member of the faction; other NPCs' managers are none.

The question is: if I leave the faction, can I still do party actions on all these NPCs? Party actions are Add to Party, Create Squad, Patrol, etc.

And another question: can a faction assign a non-member character as supervisor of NPCs that the owner is this faction and has or hasn't have or haven't been assigned a member of this faction as manager?

Thank you very much.

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Year 18 Day 272 21:54
Yes to the ones assigned to you

Yes they can assign them to anyone



Year 18 Day 273 9:56
As sure as admin. Thanks again.

Year 18 Day 273 10:42
There is one more case where leaving your faction can become relevant to your "faction-NPC's" access.

When your faction gave you "Faction-Inventory" privileges for Faction-NPC, such as "assign", make over". With that you can interact with -all- the faction's NPC no matter if there are assigned to you. If you have these privileges and leave... then no more access.

But I understood in your case it was really -specific- NPC's assigned to "you personally". They will of course stay assigned to you.