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Year 18 Day 272 21:29
Firstly, how do you obtain the entity ID of an item, because I don't see them anywhere on the info pages or anything. I thought it would appear when you go to craft, but I want to get the custom before I start in-order to not retool..

Secondly, if I plan to get public customs are those IDs different from the default? If so how would I get those as well because all the public customs let you do is view them and in turn download them if you were going to upload it again.

Year 18 Day 273 10:24
If you own the item, the ID can be found in the Inventory right above its name.

If you don't own the item it's a bit more tricky, but you can find the ID by using your browser's "view source" or "inspect element" features.

If you want to use a public custom, you have to put the entity ID into the CP request page and select the "Public" dropdown option. You will then be given a list of public custom images for that entity type to choose from.

Year 18 Day 273 11:50
Thanks for the clarification, and you were right about the tricky part. I cannot find the ID anywhere after looking through it all I find is the fonts, sizes and image itself.

Year 18 Day 273 15:43
Dahn Vassic
Dahn Vassic
Hi Luther,

Not sure where you're looking exactly but if you go to your inventory page, you'll see entities you own. Above it's name is a string of numbers, that's the entity ID.

This highly detailed and professionally notationed screenshot may help you find what Mikel and I are talking about.


Year 18 Day 273 16:05
I'm assuming he doesn't own the items.

If you're not the owner or the commander of the items (meaning they show up in your inventory anyway, under "Manage Assigned Items") you won't be able to apply a custom image to them.

I could give you more info on finding the ID in the code but it really wouldn't help since you couldn't assign the image anyway.