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Year 18 Day 284 5:18
Is it just me, or those 1 min extended countdowns started to effect ground travel times too, at least with ships? As far as I can remember, those were unaffected, before, as long as you stay in cockpit.

edit: I've just tried to do 1 min travel. It counts down 1 min, starts to reload page, but activates new 1 min timer. And if I abort during that one extra min, I'm on previous position.

Edited By: Joca de Jan on Year 18 Day 284 5:22
Year 18 Day 284 6:35
Stephanie Barefoot
Stephanie Barefoot
This was bugbased yesterday. Pretty sure it will be fixed soon.

Year 18 Day 284 6:58
Thanks :)

Year 18 Day 284 8:00
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
Huh, I thought this was done intentionally:

Disabled code that finishes travel actions on cockpit/position pages as they were causing database deadlocks (#4397) 

Year 18 Day 285 15:40
Yeah, it was disabled because I think it was causing some of the ticks (every player's actions) to get blocked and crash.

It just happens because we finish actions every 60 seconds, but if your action finishes in 61 seconds, then you will need to wait (for the next tick to run), e.g. 120 seconds for it to finish.

Year 18 Day 286 0:15
Can we at least get only one page reload? It is bit annoying to have page reloaded twice for same travel, specially when you do lots of small travels on the ground?

Year 18 Day 286 17:30
No, because that's not how it works.

The page reloads when the timer gets to 0. Sometimes when the timer hits 0 the code to run the action hasn't run yet, and it will run on the next tick (usually, on the next minute), so the timer will count down from its minimum value (1 minute), and then will reload the page again. Hopefully, by this time, the action tick has run and the action has completed.

We can either re-enable the old behavior, which was causing a lot of database errors, or we can disable the page automatically reloading when the timer hits 0, or we can leave it like it is. I prefer the latter. And this isn't a suggestions forum anyway.

Year 18 Day 287 0:15
Thanks for explanation.