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Year 6 Day 65 9:27
I'm having the same problem that Rhazbis Kharn was having. I'm stuck on a ship that I can't pilot, and I can't do anything. It's a YT-150, and it's the HRS Titan. I can't figure out what to do. Please help me.


Year 6 Day 66 6:10
I have tried posting in thre newbie board, contacting my faction, which did not help at all. And I have tried leaving the ship in every way possible. In the rules section, there is mention of hacking a ship. How is that accomplished? If there is nothing else, could somebody at least give me my co-ords, so the bounty hunters can find me? (Check classifieds under bounties.)


Year 6 Day 66 16:15
Hacking a ship is not yet possible.

You will need to contact the pilot of the ship. Typically the admins do not move players unless they have been stuck for at least three weeks, and if there is absolutely no way to get off the ship IC.



Year 6 Day 66 16:57
Gane Lant
Gane Lant
Well, I don't know how in the galaxy you ended up on one of our ships, especially one as rarely used as that. I will head to the ship now and try to get you off.

Year 6 Day 67 10:55
Thank you! I have been stuck on this STUPID SHIP since December, and I can't wait to get off of it! Hmm... now how am I going to tell those bounty hunters that they don't need to get me anymore. Oh, wait, i still need to get to my destination. My NEW destination.