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Year 18 Day 324 21:40

I have on one of my ships a character that appears from Sim news to have been a multi. The character has not been dropped (so not a lost soul) but as an illegal multi is no longer active. Is this character able to be made into an NPC like a lost soul and made over to me?

his name is Kazimir Fedorov

Year 18 Day 325 19:06
I am not an asim, but I believe in the past banned characters are not converted to lost soul NPCs. They remain characters who never log in again.


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Year 18 Day 326 5:13
This can be tricky. I won't give you a blanket "yes" or "no" because some bans may have circumstances others don't. I believe this was done in the past, but only after a certain length of time. Plus we have that fancy "Claim Lost Soul" button so maybe they changed things?

Year 18 Day 326 16:02
This happened in Year 15, and I've had him tagging along with me for at least a year and a half so I believe he's no longer in use.

Does that change anything?

Year 18 Day 354 17:49
Argo Viridian
Argo Viridian
I trust an arrested character can be removed from an entity to be placed elsewhere.
If so, what else needs to happen (apart from being granted the "Arrest" privilege) to arrest such a character?