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Archives » Mystery Entities on the NPC fitouts
Dahn Vassic
Dahn Vassic
I was just editing some of my NPC fitouts just now, and under "utility" I found a few items that i've never seen before.


A lot of these are creature trophies but some of them are not, nor have I ever seen them before.

Pazaak Table. A hologlobe for each of the unique stations. Sacred Sand. Floating Rock. Magical Plank. Unfinished Blueprints. Mainly on the second row from the bottom.

Are these items that exist that I've just never seen before, or are they some sort of secret that I stumbled across?

Bug base.


"Clarr's a big mean jerk and he steals my lunch money and makes me cry."
Dahn Vassic
Dahn Vassic
Meaning that it's a bug and they shouldn't appear?

I'm also seeing some on the weapons slots. A cookie, a spork. Beer. Proton Torpedo.

Those are unimplemwnted items. Beer, cookie, and apprk are ancient CP items back from when that was a thing. The hologlobes and items like the planl were meant as mementos for when you visited those unique locations. The pazaak table is self explanatory.

But Clarr is correct, those shouldnt be available for assigning.